last kiss

"did u even care about me?"

"i did"

"then why did you leave?"

"i dont know"

This is a fan fiction about a girl and she had sex with zayn and then zayn left her. But he comes back but she doesn't know if she can trust him or not. Sorry I can't update a lot I have a really busy life:) thnx


5. Wait do i know you?

 I got ready for the club and got my out fit on and applying a very dramatic smokey eye. I got some heels and was out the door. I met ashley there but in like five second she already was heading to the bar. I decided that i want a drink so i took a couple shots and was a little tipsy. 


I was sitting there on my phone when i felt a hand on my back a flinched. I saw dark brown eyes and i am not going to lye he was HOT. I put my sexy face on and turned around and looked at him like he was nothing much. 



"hey baby,wanna dance?"


I didnt even answer his question i just took his hand and went to the dance floor.The air was filled with achol and smoke. we didnt really dance we just grinded and kissed. i felt him squeaz my bum and i flinched a little bit. I kept dancing when he took my hand and lead me too a room. I was becoming more and more sober. I reconized him. He was that guy at the breakfast place.


"do i know you"



  He Put his hands on the edge of my top and looked me in the eyes. I took a step back and started to walk out of the room. Are eyes were still connected. I couldnt stop looking at him he was bad but he was so good. I walked out of the room but then i went back in because i relized i left my phone. 


  I walked back into the dark room but i saw him on my phone. Shoot i muttered. i needed to put a lock on that thing. I snached it away from him before he could do anything else. 


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