watterwall 467

Forbidden love, death, life, war, taxes, poor, rich, fights, secrets.
So what exactly happens, in the Kingdom of watterwall?


1. watterwall 467


The world has changed, the Middle Ages, 467,  the watterwall kingdom which is in England.
  The King Troy Austin 50 years old, and hiswife The Queen Elizabeth Austin 50 years old, gave birth to their son,  The Prince William Troy Austin 22 years old.


The noble family of watterwall.


Annie Blackburn, a commoner, a poor and dying, everything that Annie wanted is to live and the freedom.


A freedom to love, a freedom to be with her family as long as she can.


She used to keep this freedom, but not anymore, not since the day the Prince noticed her.


He wanted to help her but he can't, he turns around her but he can't, he's hiding, he drives her insane along with her.


And all that, while Annie, trying to save her life from death.


The Prince's family says him that he must meet with a princess from another kingdom.


His father, Troy Austin, appointing his son to the war which occurs in those days as a main soldier.


The Prince William injured, but what about Annie?
A commoner poor lady, in front a rich noble prince?
Can be avoided?


Forbidden love, death, life, war, taxes, poor, rich, fights, secrets.
Welcome to the Kingdom of watterwall.




 please comment and vote, tell me if i should continue this or not :)

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