Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


13. Wing It


I woke up from my slumber, seeing Jessica sleeping on a chair beside me. I really just felt like shit, I mean I lost my parents. Ya their a bit strict and mean, but we still ha a bond that made us love each other no matter what. I hated the fact that I'm going to have to be visiting the cemetery once in a while. I sat up on my bed to see one of the nurses adjusting a few things in the room. The nurse turned around and noticed I was awake. "Good morning Ms. Gonzalez, how are you feeling?" she asked before flashing me a smile. "I'm fine" I mumbled. The nurse slowly walked towards me. "Your going to have an x-ray in a few minutes, but right now I need to check you blood to see if your allergic to any medicines or chemicals" she stated. I watched as she walked straight out of the room. I started to panic. Vampire's have a type of blood that is different from humans, lets just say it's like acid to humans, and if they test my blood, they will find out I'm a vampire. I'm also panicking because I have a huge fear of needles. "Jessica" I whispered while shaking her until she was awake. "What?" she whined. I grabbed her hair and pulled it up so her face was met by mine. "The nurse wants to give me a blood test" I stated. I then let Jessica's hair go as she rubbed her head. "And..?" she asked in annoyance. I rolled my eyes at her laziness. "AND.....if she does give me a blood test, all the vampires will be exposed to the world and we'd be either killed or locked up as life size lab rats!" I yelled out. Jessica quickly sat up, but I could tell she was still sleepy. "I'm up" she announced. I kept on glancing at the door, hoping the nurse wouldn't come anytime soon. "I think we should throw her out the window" Jessica laughed. I just shook my head while trying to hide my giggles. "I'm serious!!!" I whined while kicking my feet like a little kid. Jessica started to crack her knuckles. "I'm just going to wing it, so don't worry, I'll be doing all the work here" she assured me with a huge smile. I just gave her a small smile, hoping her 'plan' would work.


I started to breathe regularly. It was still dark, but that's because my eyes were screwed shut. "Is he going to be ok?" a feminine voice asked. I instantly recognized that voice as Elizabeth's. I then felt cool air hit my face. "I think he's fine, I mean he only fainted" Natalie stated. They then sat in silence until Natalie spoke up. "Do you think I should throw water on him, he might wake up" she suggested. All of a sudden I felt water get thrown at me. I shot up in shock. Water dripping all over my body. "The fuck?!" I yelled out in anger. When I looked up, I noticed Natalie had a navy blue bucket in her hands. "What is wrong with you?" I asked with irritation in my voice. "You fainted so the only thing we could do to get you up was throwing water at you" Natalie explained. Elizabeth shrugged and nodded in agreement. "So, why did you faint......were you just out of energy?" Natalie asked in worry. My thoughts automatically snapped back to the text Jessica sent me. "Ummmm....ya....I guess I was out of energy" I lied. Natalie studied my face before getting up and walking over to the car. Elizabeth close behind her. I barley noticed we were still at the gas station. "Well, are you going to get up?" Elizabeth asked from the passengers seat. I ignored her question and got up. I walked over to the backseat and sat down.


Mia and I sat patiently, waiting for the nurse to come back into the room. "I hope your so called 'plan' works" Mia muttered. I just rolled my eyes at her. "Oh it will" I assured her. The nurse suddenly walked in with a a cart. I already saw the needle that was supposedly going to stab Mia's skin. "Ok, Ms. Gonzalez, now give me your arm" the nurse instructed. Mia gave me a nervous look before taking her arm out. The nurse adjusted the needle while she took Mia's arm. This was now my chance. I quickly took the needle out of the nurses hand tackled her to the ground. She was about to scream, but Mia took care of that my putting a pillow of her face. I then grabbed the nurses arm and stabbed her skin. I heard her scream into the pillow. I really just didn't care if it hurt, I just needed to get this over with. I pulled the little handle, so the needle could suck the blood into the tube. Just when I had enough, I pulled the needle out of her arm and set it onto the cart. I saw blood dripping out of her arm, so I quickly grabbed the bandage she was going to use for Mia and gently put it on her. Mia then gave me a confused look. "What.....I'm not that bad of a person" I stated. Mia shook her head in disbelief. "What now?" she asked. I looked down at the nurse who wasn't moving. "She's still alive, I could hear her heartbeat" I said. Mia and I sat in silence until I decided to speak up. "I'll just erase her memory and everything will be ok" I suggested. Mia thought about it for a while before nodding in agreement. She took the pillow off to see the nurse with blood shot eyes from crying. "What are you going to do to me?" the nurse asked with a shaky voice. I got off of her as she stood up. I then looked her dead in the eye. "You will forget about this and walk away.....act like nothing strange happened" I said. The nurse nodded and grabbed the metal cart. She just walked out of the room without even looking back. "Well, now that its all over, should I call my mom and tell her to come back.....bring you clothes...?" I suggested while whipping my phone out of my pocket. Mia let out a long sigh before she fell onto the bed. "I have to do an x-ray later" she stated. I sat back on one of the chairs. "So, after that the doctor could put a cast on you and your good to go" I simply explained. Mia turned her head to me. "What about the blood are they suppose to tell me if I have a problem when I'm at the academy?" she asked in worry. "It's ok, they will call my mom and she'll call you" I stated. Mia just turned her head back to the ceiling and stared at it. "I wonder if Mason is at the academy right now" she mumbled.


I was now getting really frustrated. Mason fainted which nearly gave me a heart attack, and one of the car's tires was flat. All I knew was that we were stranded in the middle of nowhere. It was just dirt and road. I did get a little bit of reception on my phone, so I took that advantage on calling a tow truck, but the guy said he wouldn't be here until the next day. So now we're here sitting in the car. "Do you think you can just drive the car like that?" Elizabeth asked. I shook my head. "No, it's a flat tire" I replied. "You can at least try" she simply said. I thought about it for a moment and agreed. I know it wouldn't work, but I could at least try. I looked over to the back seat to see Mason still asleep. We were here all night and now it's like seven in the morning. I turned back to the wheel before starting the engine. I then stepped on the pedal as the car started to drive a little bit. My eyes widened in surprise. "Oh my god, I can't believe it's working!" I excitedly said. Out of no where the car stopped in its tracks and shut down. "Really!?" I yelled out in frustration. I laid my forehead on the wheel and closed my eyes. I was tired, frustrated, angry, and bored. I then heard a sound that sounded like a gas leak come from the front of the car. I lifted my head up a little bit to see smoke flying out of the hood. "You have got to be fucking kidding me!" I once again yelled out. Mason instantly got up from his slumber. "The fuck happened when I was asleep?!" he asked. I just shrugged my shoulders while shaking my head. Mason then got out of the car and paced over to the front of the car. "Shit" I muttered. I then got out of the car, following behind Mason. "Mason, don't touch that it could be dangerous" I said. I could barley see him from the smoke. "Ok mom" he replied. I rolled my eyes at his childish attitude. All of a sudden the hood was lifted from its place. "Mason. what did I say?" I asked. All I heard was Mason chuckle from the load of smoke that released into the air.

(Author's Note: Hey!! Sorry I haven't been updating a lot. I'm just busy with school and drama like always, but I will try to update more often. I'm also going to start putting clothes up for the characters on Polyvore. So the links will be in the story when needed. Like I said, I will update more often and thanks for reading the story......even though I don't update that often.....- Mystery Girl 12316)

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