Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


4. Too Much Drama For A First Day


I walked into the cafeteria with my friends. "Table for three" I stated. I looked at the butler, who seemed busy. "I'll be with you in a minute" he said. I rolled my eyes while turning to my friend Jenifer. "I hate when employes are like this" I commented. Jenifer nodded her head in agreement. I then noticed that Jessica didn't agree. "Jessica?" I asked. She quickly looked up at me. "Don't you agree?" I asked in annoyance. Jessica stood there in confusion while she nodded slowly, as if she knew what I was talking about. The butler then interrupted me. "Follow me to your table" He instructed. I walked behind the butler knowing the girls where both behind me. We were soon outside on the huge patio. The butler gestured us to a round table. When I was about to sit down I noticed that Sapphire decided to take the new girl out to eat. I stopped what I was doing and faced the girls. "I guess my beloved sister wanted to treat the new girl for dinner" I said. I watched as their little 'group' talked. "You should have brought her to our group, it would have been nice to have a new person here" Jessica suggested. I tapped the top edge of the chair while biting my lip. "We should huh?" I quietly said to myself. I then let go of my chair and walked over to my sister. I lifted my head up so I could look confident while the girls walked behind me. "Well, well, well, isn't it my lovely sister with her group of friends" I greeted. I took a glance at every person that was sat at the table.


I looked up to see Olivia walking towards us. "Bitch alert" I alerted. Sapphire rolled her eyes and turned around. "Well, well, well, isn't it my lovely sister with her group of friends" Olivia greeted. "I smell bullshit" Mason mumbled. I let out a small smile hoping Olivia wouldn't notice. She glared at us one by one. "What do you want Olivia?" Sapphire asked, obviously getting annoyed. I looked behind Olivia to see Jenifer and......Jessica? I stared at Jessica hoping she would see me, but I failed. "I'm going to the bathroom" I announced. I got up and walked away ignoring Olivia's face of disgust. When I got to Jessica, I took a good grip on her arm and pulled her away. I quickly entered the bathroom. Jessica walked in behind me noticing I wanted to talk. "What's your problem?" I asked. Jessica gave me a confused look, obviously telling me to also continue. "Why are you hanging out with Olivia?" I once again asked. "Because I want to, is that a problem" Jessica crossed her arms. I started to feel rage wash over me. I couldn't believe Olivia could actually get to Jessica. "It is a huge problem!" I yelled out while throwing my arms up. Jessica started to back up. She seemed scared. "Whats wrong with you now?" I asked with an attitude. Jessica pointed to the closest bathroom mirror. I slowly walked towards it in confusion. My eyes widened at the view. My eyes were red as blood, my veins were showing under my eyes, and my fangs were out. "Mia, if I were you I'd rela-" I quickly cut her off. "How could I relax when my cousin is best friends with one of my sworn enemies!". Jessica looked down at her feet and sighed. "Your just going to have to accept the fact that I'm friends with Olivia" she stated. I was still looking at myself in the mirror. I also watched Jessica from the mirror. "She's a fucking bitch Jessica. her so called 'boyfriend' (and by that I mean lover) tried to kill me!" I said. Jessica didn't even look up. I could tell she was mad. She hates when people correct her and her life events. "Well it was her boyfriend not her" Jessica muttered. We then stood in silence as I shook my head in disbelief. I decided to break the silence. "Do you know you actually killed her boyfriend?" I stated. Jessica quickly looked up at me. "What are you talking about?" she asked in confusion. I  slowly nodded with a sigh. "You killed Professor Dylan, Professor Dylan was Olivia's boyfriend, and Olivia's boyfriend tried to kill me" I explained. Jessica seemed shocked for a moment. There was dead silence when she found out the truth that she never knew. She then crossed her arms and lifted her head up. "Well then I guess this is going to be a little secret of ours" she stated. Jessica walked out of the bathroom, leaving me to myself.


I watched as Mia left the table. She grabbed one of the girls arm and pulled her to the bathroom. "Anyways, I wanted to come and take the new girl back" Olivia sneered. I caught Noah's gaze. He noticed that I was getting worried. "It's to late, she's already eating with us" Sapphire stated. Olivia looked over at me. She started sending me daggers. "You. up" she pointed at me. I slowly got up but Sapphire beat me to it. "No. sit" she commanded. "Up" Olivia snapped at me. "Drea sit" Sapphire instructed. "UP!" Olivia once again said. I started to feel like a useless rag doll. I got up and banged my hands on the table in rage. "I'm not your puppet!" I yelled out. Everyone was now looking at me, even other kids from other tables. Olivia looked at me in shock. I then felt tears well up in my eyes. I quickly paced my way over to the bathroom. I bumped into that girl that Mia was with. She looked mad. I just ignored her and walked away without saying a word. I pushed the bathroom door open. I slammed the door behind me not even caring if I was making a scene. Loads of tears streamed down my eyes, I couldn't even explain how I felt. "Drea?" someone asked. I looked up in shock to see Mia. She looked full on vampire. "What happened?" she asked in worry. I quickly took her into a hug. Right now I felt like a lost puppy. This also happened at my old school, but it was worse. "I feel lost" I choked out. I could feel my tears making stains on Mia's blazer. "Wait, hold on, what the hell happened when I was gone?" Mia once again asked. I let go of Mia to face her. "Olivia w-wanted me b-back, but Sapphire s-said it was t-too late, so t-they treated me l-like some puppet" I explained in between stutters. Mia's veins started to disappear, but her eyes were still pitch red. "I think it's time to go back to our dorms" she sighed out. I nodded in agreement. We both walked out of the bathroom and headed straight to the exit. "Mia, wait!" someone called out. We turned to see Noah and Mason heading our way. "Where are you going?" Mason asked. I looked over at Mia, expecting her to answer. "We're going back to our dorms, someone had too much drama for her first day" she stated. The boys nodded as they understood. Mason hugged Mia while giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Sorry for the drama" Noah apologized. He then took me into a bear hug. I felt myself blush at his actions, so I just awkwardly patted him on the back. Mia and I soon walked off to our dorms.         

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