Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


20. The Dream


Finally, I'm leaving today. I get to take this stupid/itchy cast off and go back to the academy. And that's a first, I would never want to go back to homework, boring classes, and waking up early, but in this case, I'd rather go back to that nightmare. The nurses were taking the bandages off my arm as Jessica walked in with my old backpack. "Brought your clothes" she announced. I watched as Jessica dropped the backpack next to me. "Did you pick my clothes or your mom?" I asked. "Well, my mom did at first, but since they went to your house and packed all your clothes, I got a chance to rummage through your things and find something more like your style" she shrugged. I nodded while looking over to the nurses. The bandages were all off, and my arm felt free. The air made me form goosebumps. "Your all done, Mia" one of the nurses said. I gave her a small smile before slowly moving my arm. It felt weird at first, but I got used to it. "Get dressed Mia, we have to leave as soon as possible" my aunt stated. I then sighed while grabbing my backpack. I slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. I took a quick shower before getting into my clothes Jessica had chose for me.

  I looked through the backpack to see some makeup and a hair tie. "Jessica!" I yelled out. Jessica soon walked in. She looked confused for a second until I showed her what was in the bag. "You think I'm letting you out of here without looking good. People expect to see you pretty and preppy, not depressed and ugly.......not that you are" she explained. I rolled my eyes at her before sitting on the toilet seat. "Well, I'm to weak, so you do my makeup" I instructed while clutching my backpack to my chest. Jessica then gave me a huge smile. "Fine" she simply said. I opened the backpack revealing every cosmetic that was in there. "I'm going to go for simple" Jessica stated. I just gave her a small smile while she grabbed the eyeliner.


"STOP FOOLING AROUND AND GET BACK TO WORK, JUST WORK WITH ME PEOPLE!" Andrea yelled out at a few students that were playing around with silly string. The students just set the cans of silly string down on a table as Andrea told them what to do. I swear she was starting to become really stressed and mean. When the students walked away, I walked over to Andrea and took her clipboard away. "I think you need to take a brake" I suggested while taking the pen out of her hands. Andrea gave me a confused face before shaking her head. "No, If I leave then this whole party will be a disaster". She tried to pry the clipboard out of my arms, but I stopped her just in time. "It's ok, I swear on my own life that I will try my best to make this party as perfect as possible, so don't worry. Go rest and get ready" I said calmly. Andrea took a few glaces at the place before looking back at me. "Ok, fine, but if anything goes bad, I'm blaming it all on you" she sternly stated. I nodded my head while shooing her off. "Don't worry, everything will be ok" I assured her. Andrea just walked out of the woodshed, after she stole a few more glances of the place. Sometimes she could be really high-strung. I then looked to my left and to my right until I found Noah. He was helping some students construct the blood fountain. "Noah!" I yelled out. He excused himself from the group before running over to me. "Ya?" he said with a confused face. I looked down at the clipboard while taking off the list of groups. "I need help with the party so go sneak into the second main office and copy a list for you and another for Mason". I handed him the paper as he nodded. Noah walked off without even looking back. I stood there for a second before examining the place. Everything is coming out great so Andrea has absolutely nothing to worry about. I let out a long sigh and then walked off in search for Mason.


I walked over to my dorm, hoping I wouldn't get caught by teachers or security. When I got to my dorm I opened the door, walked in, and closed it behind me. I was actually really tired. I woke up at 6 in the morning, without even changing. I was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. I flopped onto my bed, ignoring the headache I have. I just stared at the ceiling, trying to clear my thoughts. Moments later my eyes fluttered shut and everything went black.

(Andrea's Dream)

I opened my eyes to see that I was at one of the academy's gardens. I took in my surrounding until a familiar voice interrupted me. "Andrea?" they spoke up. I turned around. Noah was standing there with a concerned/sad face. For some reason, he looked older. "Hey Noah, whats wrong?" I asked. All of a sudden Noah cupped each side of my face with his hands while pulling me closer. "I'm so sorry you had to see that, she is an old ex, so don't worry about a thing......your the one I want" he blurted out. My eyes started to widen as I took a few steps away from him. Noah took a few steps forward, but I ran off. I was really confused. Everything seemed fine until Noah walked up to me and started saying some weird stuff. I ran over to the main building were my dorm is. As soon as I got inside, I shut the back door behind me and continued my walk. All of a sudden I heard some distant yelling. I paced over to the sound until I reached the entrance. I saw Mia and Mason, but they seemed different. They both looked a older too. I slowly walked closer, hoping they wouldn't see me watching. I stood next to the huge stair case that led to the dorms upstairs. I started to notice that Mia was......crying? Mason was too. They didn't seem happy at all. I tried to pay more attention to their conversation than to the little voice in my head telling me that is was rude to eavesdrop. "I can't believe you did this to me!" Mia yelled out. She looked really disappointed and heartbroken. Mason tried to get near her, but she took a step back. "I'm sorry Mia, It was long ago, and I was drunk!" Mason said. She shook her head as if she didn't care. "It doesn't matter, you could have just told me the time it happened!" she yet again yelled out. I am now wondering about what they are talking about. "I was worried you would get mad and break up with me!" Mason stated. Mia sarcastically laughed. "Like if I'm not pissed off, and thinking about leaving you right now!" she scoffed. Mason looked down at the ground with a sad face. I could tell they were both having a rough time. Instantly, his head shot up. "What about Daniel, I bet you already let him get in your pants!" he shouted. I widened my eyes as Mia slapped Mason across the face. Now that has got to hurt. I gasped as I saw Mason's face to the side from all the force she gave him. He turned his head back to Mia. She was breathing really heavily while Mason rubbed his now reddened cheek. "I would never do that to you, Mason. I actually cared about you, but I guess that was a mistake. I should have listened to Daniel when he called you a bastard the other day!" Mia cried out. I was about to walk away from the whole scene until a very handsome guy walked over to Mia. He grabbed her shoulder from behind. She jumped from fright until she noticed who he was. "Let's go Mia, he doesn't deserve your time" the handsome guy said. Mia just looked at him and then over at Mason. "Stay out of this Daniel" Mason warned. Well I guess this is the famous Daniel. I watched as Daniel pulled Mia behind him in a protective way. "Or what?" he asked. I started to have a bad feeling about this. Mason then threw a punch at Daniel, which started the whole fight. I looked towards Mia who was terrified from the whole thing. "Stop!" she yelled out, but they didn't listen. "Stop this right now, I'm serious!". I watched her tears fall down from her eyes like a waterfall. I ran over to my best friend to comfort her. I knew she needed me right now with all this boy drama. "What's going on?" I asked in fake confusion, hoping she would buy it. When I got over to Mia, she quickly took me into a really tight hug. Her tears stained my uniform blazer as I hugged her back. I watched the two guys fight to the death until everything went black.

(End of Andrea's Dream)

I woke up panting for air and sweat dripping from my body. I was so relieved that it was all a dream, but then again I wonder what they were arguing about. I looked over to the clock that is on my nightstand. It was 4:30. I then decide to take a relaxing shower before getting ready. I get up off my bed and walk into the shower. It takes me 30 minutes to wash myself off and step out. As soon as I wrap my towel around me, I blow dry my hair and curl it. After that I apply some makeup before getting my new clothes on. I decided to wear my contacts so my huge glasses won't bother me.

I gave myself an approving look before walking out of the dorm to check on Sapphire and the party set up.

(Author's Note: Sorry it took me long to update. I've been busy by school work like essays and studying for the CST's [California State Test] I also went to L.A on spring brake so I didn't have a computer for a week. So please forgive me. Like always comment, favorite, and like!!! :D - Mystery Girl 12316)

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