Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


8. The 5th Sunday Morning


It is now the 5th Sunday. I started to get my backpack ready. It only lasts a day. We all come back tomorrow, which means no classes. I walked to my wardrobe. I took out a white t-shirt and some cargo shorts. Not even caring about the brand, unlike some people. I shoved the clothes into my black backpack. I then grabbed my pajamas and shoved those in there too. I quickly zipped up my backpack ready to go. Until I noticed that I needed to change. I once again walked to my wardrobe and pulled out one of my 'Black Veil Brides' hoddie that only has BVB on it. I put on a pair of black skinny jeans. I didn't care if I looked kinda emo, I was too lazy to do anything right now. I then sat on my bed. I grabbed my vans and tied them on. I put my daylight ring on knowing I would forget when I leave. I was now asleep on my bed. I was actually very tired at the time. I then heard my my phone vibrate on top of my drawer. "Shit!" I yelled out in frustration. I looked up from my pillow and tried to reach my phone, but failed. I sat up while grabbing my phone. When I looked down, I noticed it was Natalie. I then pressed the answer button. "Hello?" I said in annoyance. "Damn brother, did the academy change you or what?" she asked. I just rolled my eyes at her fake worried expression. "What do you want Natalie?" I asked. I heard Natalie sigh. "I'm on my way to the academy, are you all packed up?" she asked. I looked over at my zipped up backpack. "Ya" I simply replied. I could tell she was driving. I could hear other cars pass by. "Well, I'm going to pass by Mc Donalds so don't eat anything" she instructed. I nodded my head even though she couldn't see me. "Well, I'll see you later, bye" she said. "Bye" I replied. I threw my phone on my bed. I then laid back on my bed. Before I knew it, everything went black.


I was now all packed. I had already changed into one of my favorite outfits.

My mom called yesterday and told me we were going to the beach, which means, I have to wear my daylight ring. I also put some flip flops in my backpack, just in case if I feel like going into the water. I took my ring out of my drawer. I noticed the color was draining out. "Shit" I muttered. If the diamonds color fades out, and turns pitch black, then its no use. I have to see a witch. I then grabbed my backpack, turned off the dorms lights, and closed the door behind me. I decided to call my mom to tell her, Olivia and I would meet her somewhere else. I started to go through my contacts. "Mom" I read from the contact name. I pressed the call button. It started to ring about four times until my mom answered. "Hello?" she said through the other line. "Mom, I need to take my daylight ring to Sasha (the witch), so Olivia and I will meet you........." I trailed off, hoping she would finish my sentence. "Starbucks?" she asked. I thought about her suggestion. "Ok, Starbucks, ya, I'll call you when we get there" I said. I was about to hang up on her until she interrupted me. "I can't wait to see you guys" she stated. I just smiled at how sweet she was. I can't believe Olivia couldn't get that gene from her. "Ok mom, bye" I said. "Bye" she responded. I hung up my phone. I then shoved my phone into the pocket of my plaid shirt. "Now to go wake up the whore" I quietly said to myself. I paced over to Olivia's dorm. I opened the door to see her sound asleep. "Get your ass up!" I announced. Olivia jumped at the sound of my voice. She looked towards me with a sleepy face. "Why should I get up, moms not here yet" she complained. I crossed my arms. "My daylight ring drained out, so we need to go to Sasha's house" I said. Olivia put her face back into her pillow and groaned. "Really, you want to start?" I asked in annoyance. Olivia just stayed still. I rolled my eyes in frustration. "Don't say I didn't warn you" I sighed out. I then grabbed her blanket and pulled it off of her. Olivia quickly sat up. I could see anger written across her face. "The fuck!" she yelled out. I dropped her blanket on the floor. "I told you to get up, but you apparently didn't listen" I shrugged. Olivia started to get out of bed while mugging me. "Did you call mom?" she asked. "Yup, already did, we're meeting her at Starbucks" I stated. I walked over to Olivia's desk. I opened her drawer to see her daylight ring. Her ring was so much different than mine. Her diamond was this kind of rose pink, while mine was blood red. "Well, well, well, it's your lucky day, your daylight ring also drained out" I said while examining it. "Your kidding right?" she asked. I shook my head. I looked over at her to see that she was already packing. "Do you even think Sasha would be awake at this time?" Olivia asked. I looked at her clock. "6:45" I said to myself. "I think you should call her" Olivia suggested. I finally, out of my whole life, agreed with her. I took my phone out and dialed Sasha's number. It ringed a couple times until she answered. "Hey Sasha" I greeted. "Hi Sapphire, whats up?" she asked. I looked over at Olivia who was now hanging her bag onto the bed frame. "Olivia's and I's rings drained out" I simply explained. "What time are you going to be here?" Sasha asked. "Well, we're going to leave right now, and it also depends on traffic" I said. There was a dead silence until Sasha spoke up. "Ok, I'll get the stuff ready for the ritual" she replied. I started to mess with Olivia's ring. "Ok, I'll see you in a while, bye" I said. "Bye" she responded. I hung up my phone and once again shoved my phone in my pocket. I turned around to see Olivia wearing a crop top. 

"Your going to have to wear your hoodie, what if the sun rises when we're on our way to Sasha's" I explained. "Good point sister" Olivia nodded. She got up and walked over to her wardrobe. It took a while until she pulled out her pink 'American Eagle' hoodie. "Ready" she said while putting her hoodie on. I adjusted my backpack, while Olivia flung her bag over her shoulder. "Wow, I haven't seen this backpack since the first day we came here" Olivia stated. I looked in the mirror. I saw my army green backpack. It had my favorite bands name 'Slipknot' written across the top in black letters. I could see some patches on it from when I tried to patch it up, that's how old it is. I opened the door and walked out into the hall. Olivia then locked the door behind her. We then walked down the stairs. We approached the table that was set out for the 5th Sunday. We signed ourselves out and walked outside.


I finally got dressed to what looks appropriate for Six Flags.

My aunt forgot to tell Mia we were going to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, so she told me to tell her yesterday. I think Mia is still mad at me. I decided to go ask Mason to tell her for me. I left my Jansport American Flag backpack on my bed. It was already packed. I closed my door behind me and headed over to the boys dorms. I walked along the hall until I found Mason's dorm. I knocked on it, but nobody answered. I then knocked on it harder. I heard someone fall onto the ground. It sounded painful. The door then flung open to reveal Mason with messy hair. "Good morning, Mason" I greeted. "Morning" he said quietly. "Can you do me a favor?" I asked. Mason gave me a confused look. "Which is...." he trailed off. "Can you please tell Mia that her moms taking us to Six Flags today" I said. I watched as Mason scratched his eye. "Sure, but umm why can't you tell her?" he asked. I shook my head slowly. "You don't want to know" I replied. He then nodded as he understood "Ok". I gave him a huge smile before walking off. 'Well that was easy' I was all that went through my head right now.


I am going crazy now. I literally don't know what to wear. My mom forgot to tell me where we were going. I stood in front of my wardrobe, looking at all my clothes I have. I was thinking of wearing a sweater, but what if we go to the beach. I was also thinking of wearing a dress, but then again what if we go hiking or something. I was now frustrated at my problem. I wonder if my mom told Jessica where we were going. I bet she did, but Jessica wanted to humiliate me. That's why she didn't tell me. Something then cut me off of my thoughts. I then heard another knock at my door. "Come in!" I yelled out. I turned to see Mason walk inside my dorm. "Good morning" I greeted. "Morning babe" he greeted back. Mason gave me a small hug and kissed me on the cheek. I turned back to the wardrobe while he fell on my bed. "What are you doing?" he asked. I bit my lip while skimming through my clothes. "My mom forgot to tell me where we were going, so now I don't know what to wear" I stated. "Oh that reminds me, Jessica passed by my dorm and told me to tell you that your going to Six Flags" he added. I felt hurt right now. That made it official that Jessica was mad at me. If she wasn't she would've come over and told me. "Well, thanks for the help Jessica" I muttered. I then heard Mason chuckle in the background. I looked through my clothes and knew exactly what to wear. I grabbed my clothes and walked to my bathroom. I put the shorts on, then the shirt, I tied my converse on, and finally added the gold chain necklace.

Luckily I took a shower last night, so I had enough time to straighten my hair right now. I took out my purple flat iron. It took an hour for me to straighten my hair. It's really weird because I didn't even hear Mason complain about how long I was taking. I unplugged the flat iron and walked out of the bathroom to see Mason sound asleep on my bed. "No wonder" I quietly said to myself. I walked over to my wardrobe and looked all the way to the back of it. I then found my pink floral Aeropostale backpack. I packed the clothes that I needed in there and closed it up. "I like what your wearing" Mason commented, obviously startling me. "Guys better not be staring at you, I don't want them to even take a glance" he said. Mason's been over protective since the 'Professor Dylan incident'. "Calm down man, I'll make sure they won't" I said. Mason just smiled at me. "So, when is your sister picking you up?" I asked. Mason shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, she said she was on her way" he explained. I nodded as I understood. "Wanna watch a movie?" I asked. "Sure" he simply responded. I grabbed my laptop and logged into Netflix. We both decided to watch 'Insideous Chapter 2'.

(Author's Note: Sorry it took me really long to update, I mean it is a long chapter. I also decided to put pics of their clothes, so you could get an image of it. Anyways please like, comment, and favorite if you must!!!- Mystery Girl 12316)     


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