Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


16. So....What Do You Say?


When I got out of Sapphire's room, I went straight to Mason's. I actually didn't really notice until now that Sapphire was a bit different. She was actually....nicer. Like I always see her being really mean to Olivia which makes me think she's usually like that, but I thought wrong. I really don't know where Mason's dorm is, but I'll give it a try. I walked down the hall and passed the stairs to the boy's dorms. I then saw a guy who looked familiar. I decided to stop him in his tracks. "Excuse me" I blurted out. I instantly got his attention which made his gaze turn to me. "Yes?" he sweetly replied. He seemed like a pretty nice guy. "Umm...can you tell me where Mason's dorm is?" I asked while batting my eyes. My glasses instantly slid down my nose which made my push them back up. The guy suddenly laughed at my failure. "Ya, you make the first to the right and walk down the hall, it's the second to last" he explained. I quickly thanked him and paced to Mason's dorm. When I was finally there I knocked on the door. Suddenly I heard a door open, but it wasn't Mason's. I looked to my right to see Noah step out of his dorm. He didn't really notice me until when he was going to close his door. His eyes widened when he saw me. "Andrea, I'm glad I caught you, I need to tell you something" he said. When I was about to say something to him, I was interrupted by Mason opening his door. I turned my head to see him. "Oh, hi Mason" I greeted with a huge smile. He then gave me the same smile. "Hey Andrea" he mumbled. "What are you doing here?". I pushed my glasses up my nose before replying. "I need you to do me a favor, may I come in?" I asked. Mason gestured me to come in. Out of nowhere I felt someone grab me by my wrist. "But Andrea, I need to tell you something" Noah reminded me. For a second there, I thought he wasn't even there. "Oh, sorry Noah, this is really important and I have to do it quick.....maybe later" I suggested. Noah frowned, but nodded his head as he understood. I then took my arm out of his grip and walked into Mason's dorm. It was pretty dark, so I really couldn't see anything. When I heard Mason close the door behind me, the lights went on. The dorm was kind of messy for a typical boy, but I can't blame him. My room is messy too at times from reading books. "So......what is the favor?" he asked as he walked over to his bead and sat on it. I stood still until he gestured me to sit on a chair. I walked closer to his desk and slid the chair away from it, to get me closer to Mason. I then stopped in my tracks and sat down. "Well, I was thinking of throwing Mia a surprise party" I blurted out. Mason gave me a confused face. "Why?" he asked in a kind of rude tone. I shifted in the chair and pushed my glasses up. "Oh, I just feel bad about the whole thing she's been through and thought she might need something big and festive to make her happy" I explained in a preppy voice. We both sat in silence as Mason thought about it. He then broke the silence. "Ya, sure, I think she deserves something like that, but won't other students at this school feel offended because they didn't get a 'Welcome Back' party?" he asked. I then scrunched my eyebrows together. I never really thought about that. "But I don't want them to feel offended, like I'm just doing this because of what happened to Mia and I want her to be happy" I explained. Mason nodded his head. "Ya, I get you" he simply stated. We once again sat in silence until he broke it. "Well, if your still up for it, then sure" he said with a smirk. I instantly felt a smile spread across my face. "Oh my god, thank you Mason!" I yelled out and hugged him. He hugged me back and then we let go. "So, how could I help?" he asked. I pushed my glasses into place while biting my lip. "Well, we don't exactly know when she's coming back, so maybe you could text her or someone and ask?" I stated, hoping he would say yes. Mason then took his phone out and started to dial a number. "I'm going to call Jessica and see if answers" he said. I gave him a confused look. "Wait.....the Jessica that hasn't come back to the academy?" I asked in confusion. Mason looked up at me and nodded. "Yup, their cousins" he explained. I just nodded my head as he presses the call button.


When Andrea walked into Mason's dorm, I felt really confused and let down. She just ditched me for Mason, but why? I was actually about to go look for her and apologize about what happened earlier. My nap made me decide on which to choose, so I did, but now that I try to apologize, she just leaves me for Mason. I then started to walk down the hall. I really need fresh air, so I'm going to go walk outside to the academy's garden that separates the basic vampires from the beginner vampires. We are all divided up into beginner, basic, intermediate, and advanced. I'm sadly in beginner, but that's only because I skip class.......a lot. This is a really huge academy, so there's four gardens that separate the buildings and vampires. There's also the main garden where we have assemblies and rituals whenever Professor Lafont says so. Basically this academy is like a huge rectangle/square.....with lots of building that would confuse you. As I walked, I started to think about Andrea again. I'm starting to wonder about what she might be asking for Mason to do. They barley talk, so it's pretty strange for her to just walk to his dorm. I shook the thought out of my head and headed to the garden.


The doctor was really quick with the x-ray. At the end he just told me to go back to my room. So now I'm on my way back. When I got there, the nurse opened the door for me before walking away. "Thanks" I mumbled before walking in. I closed the door behind me and turned around to see my aunt and uncle sitting in the chairs. "Mia, how was your x-ray?" my aunt greeted me. I just gave her a small smile. "It was fine, the doctor will be here in a few minutes to tell me the news" I stated. My aunt nodded as she understood. "Well, we were thinking of taking you back to the academy today, or do you want to stay for one more night?" she asked in a sweet voice. I just smiled at her and sat on the bed. "Ummm...I'm going to wait and see what the doctor will say" I explained hoping the doctor will come sooner or later. All of a sudden we heard a knock on the door. My aunt paced to the door and opened it. I then heard her greet the doctor before he stepped in. " her arm better?" my uncle asked him. The doctor adjusted his glasses and clutched the tan paper folder to his chest. "Well, your arm is getting better. There were no fatal injuries which is good. You will get your cast off tomorrow, so you need to stay one more day" he stated. I nodded my head as I understood. "Ok, thank you" my aunt thanked. The doctor nodded and walked out of the room. "Well, I guess I have one more day in hell" I accidentally said out loud. I then heard my uncle chuckle at what I said. 



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