Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


18. Shopping


Andrea and I were already at the store. We decided to go clothes shopping first. We literally had different taste in clothes. "So, what do you think about this shirt?" Andrea asked. I examined the shirt. I really don't know how to answer, I mean I would never wear that, but it might be her style. "Ummmm... I guess..." I mumbled. She looked at me with a worried face. "This isn't your style huh?" she asked. I just shrugged my shoulders as a response. "Nope, not at all" I said. Andrea looked at the rest of the shirts that were hanging and sighed. "Well, I'll be as quick as I can on picking an outfit and then we can go to one of your favorite stores so you can choose some clothes" she suggested. I quickly nodded my head in agreement. Andrea snatched a whole bunch of shirts into her arms and walked to the dressing rooms. I on the other hand walked away from the dressing rooms and sat on some cube shaped seats where people can fit shoes on. I sat there dozed off in my thoughts until someone walked in front of me. I looked up to see Ethan staring down at me. I was really surprised at the moment, but then again he might live around here. I then decided to ask the most stupidest question. "The fuck are you doing here?" I asked in confusion. Ethan chuckled at my question. "Well, a hello to you too" he sarcastically greeted. I just gave him a fake smile as he sat next to me. "So.......why the fuck are you a girl store?" I once again asked. "If you need to know, my sister needed a ride to the store, so here I am" he explained. I squinted my eyes at him. "So your not stalking me at all" that came out more as a statement than a question. "Nope, why do you want me to?" he asked while raising an eyebrow. I instantly shook my head. "Noooooooo, that's not necessary" I assured him. He then let out another one of his chuckles. "Now that we're on the subject, what are you doing here because I don't quite see this as your style" he said. I rolled my eyes at him. "And what if it is, but I don't want to show it......what if I worked here?" I replied. Ethan's eyes widened at my response. "Do you?" he asked with a slightly scared tone. I smirked at him. "Hell no" I stated while shaking my head. I then looked over at the dressing rooms. Andrea still wasn't out yet. "Then why are you here?" Ethan once again asked. I turned back to face him. "My friend wanted to buy some clothes" I explained. He nodded his head as he understood. "So, were you thinking about calling me or are you just going to leave me giving my hopes up......" he said in a hopeful tone. I sighed, not really sure what to say. I mean I was going to call him, but then again I BARLEY MET THE GUY! Just when I was about to speak up, someone behind me cut me off. "Sapphire?" Andrea yelled out. I turned around to see her looking around from the dressing rooms with the one shirt and some pants hanging on her arm. She literally looked like a lost puppy. I turned back to Ethan who also looked like a lost puppy. "I'm sorry, I have to go, but I'll try to call you" I said before letting him talk. I instantly got up and paced over to Andrea.


When I walked out of the dressing rooms, I noticed that Sapphire was nowhere to be seen. I looked to my left and to my right, but she was gone. "Sapphire?" I yelled out, hoping she would hear me. I stood there for a minute until I saw her pace over to me. "Where were you?" I asked in confusion. "Just sitting around" she sighed out. I nodded my head and walked to the cash register. "So, what kind of stores do you like?" I asked while putting the clothes I picked out onto the counter. The cashier started to scan the price tags. "Well, there's Hot Topic" she suggested. I nodded my head before taking my credit card out, ready to swipe it. "Ok, that is going to be $30.00, is that going to be cash or credit?" the cashier asked. "Credit" I simply replied. The cashier nodded as I swiped my credit card onto the machine and put in my code. The receipt came out of the cash register. The cashier grabbed the receipt and put it in the bag with my clothes. "Thank you" I said before grabbed my bag and walking out of the store. Sapphire and I walked over to Hot Topic.....well.....I followed her. She led me to a store that looked really dark from the inside. "So this is Hot Topic?" I asked in disbelief. "Yup" she assured me before walking into the store. I then sighed while walking slowly in. As soon as I was inside, I examined the room. It was so dark, with lots of odd clothes. I tried to stay lose to Sapphire as possible. "What's wrong with you?" Sapphire asked. I just shook my head lightly. "Oh nothing....I'm just...peachy" I assured her. She gave me a strange look before walking up to the racks of clothes. It seemed like hours until Sapphire turned to me with bundles of clothes on her arm. "I'm going to try these on, don't get lost" she said before walking away. I bit my lip in worry. I didn't know whether to move or just stay still like a statue. I then looked up to see some more t-shirts that had some band names. I was debating to either stay still or go look at them. I slowly looked over at the dressing rooms which were pretty far. That's when I decided to look at the t-shirts. I shifted my legs and walked over to them. I examined them for a minute until someone interrupted me. "Do you need help?" a guy asked. I instantly looked over at him. I literally jumped from fright at the sight. He had piercings everywhere and some tattoos. His gauges were so huge that I didn't even know it was possible. " thank you" I replied politely. He just nodded and walked away. "Dam" I muttered to myself. He reminded me of a drawn up piece of paper. I then put my attention back on the t-shirts. I read every t-shirt I could get my eyes on. "Suicide Silence?" I whispered to myself. I then looked over at the next one. "Sleeping With Sirens.....?" I once again whispered. These band names sound depressing, but then again that's actually why a lot of emo people listen to them. "I told you to not move" Sapphire reminded. I once again turned around to see her with pants and a shirt. "Your already done?" I asked in shock. Sapphire nodded as a response. "I don't like to waste a persons time" she explained. We then both walked over to the cash register.    

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