Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


17. Party Planning


I was sitting in the car just eating a few Hi-Chews. I was also separating Mia's favorite flavors from mine. Her favorite flavors where mango and grape, on the other hand, mine was apple and strawberry. As I separated the flavors out of the bag, my phone started to ring. I looked over at it to see the caller I.D. "Mason?" I asked myself softly. I then snatched my phone off the seat and answered Mason's call. "Hey Mason?" I questionably greeted before putting it on speaker so I could continue my separating. "Hey Jessica... where's Mia?" he asked in a nervous tone. I just shrugged it off and replied to his question. "She's getting an x-ray and I'm in the car......why?" I curiously asked. My phone was set on my thigh as I was still separating the Hi-Chews. I then heard him whisper to someone which made me suspicious. "Should I tell her?" he whispered to someone. I immediately stopped what I was doing. "Tell me what?" I asked in confusion. Mason muttered under his breath before talking. "Ok, see.......Mia's friend, Andrea, wants to make Mia a surprise party, but we need to know when you guys are coming back in order to plan it" he explained. I bit the inside of my cheek before speaking up. "Ok, so your just going to randomly throw her a surprise party because she went back to the academy.........aren't other students going to feel offended?" I asked in concern. There was an awkward silence until Mason spoke up. "We're only making the party to cheer Mia up, to get her mind off the problems " he stated. I nodded my head, not even noticing that he couldn't see me. "Hello?" he asked in confusion. "Oh, ya, umm... I'll go check" I said before getting out of the car. "I'll text you when I find out" I added before hanging up. I walked into the hospital doors and headed back to Mia's room.


When Mason hung up the phone, I cheered in delight. "Yay, I've always wanted to plan a party!" I yelled out. Mason then interrupted my happy dance. "Hold your horses, Andrea, we still have to wait for the text" he reminded. I crossed my arms and looked over at him. "Hold your horses?" I asked. Mason nodded. He looked pretty proud about it. "Yup, Mia says it all the time" he explained. I rolled my eyes and sat on the chair. "How long is she going to take?" I asked while pushing my glasses up in its place. Mason sighed while putting his legs up on his bed. "You never know, it could be minutes, hours-" he then got cut off by his phone vibrating. We both looked at each other in surprise. "Or now" I pointed out. Mason didn't hesitate to take his phone out and check the text. "Ok, so, Mia's not coming back until tomorrow because she's getting her cast off" he announced. I instantly clapped my hands in excitement. "Perfect!" I yelled out before running out of Mason's dorm. I ran down the halls and got to my dorm. I opened the door and let myself in. I quickly paced to my nightstand to get my phone out. I quickly texted Sapphire and told her when Mia was coming back. She agreed that it was enough time, so she was going to call Jack to pick us up. She also told me the party was going to be at the wood shed. I don't know where that is, but I'll find out later. While I was texting her I got the idea of asking other vampires at this school to help out of stuff. Like make cheerful signs for her, so she could know that we cared. I shoved my phone in my blazer's pocket and grabbed my credit card. I paced out of my dorm while closing it behind me. Now all I had to do was find some friends to help out, but where. My thoughts immediately went to the gardens. I could invite students to the party and ask them to make a few posters.


As I was running my 12th lap around the garden, something caught my eye. Andrea was talking to a group of students. They looked really interested in what she was saying. I stood there waiting for Andrea to separate from the group. It would give me a chance to apologize to her. I literally kept on planning on what I was going to say in my mind. I watched as all the students nod to her. She gave them her huge preppy smile and walked away. Here's my chance and I'm going to take it. I quickly jogged over to her. "Hey, Andrea!" I called out. Andrea turned her head and smiled when she saw me. "Hey, Noah, whats up?" she greeted. I finally got in front of her and panted a little from the jog. "Like I said earlier, I we need to tal-" I said before she cut me off. "Noah, I can't talk right now, I'm too busy, maybe later" she suggested. I let out a long sigh. "But I really just want to get it over with" I stated. Andrea just pushed her glasses up her nose. "Look, if you want, you can tell me at the party I'm planning for Mia tomorrow, then we can talk" she explained. I nodded my head in agreement. "Ya, sure, but where's the party going to be at?" I asked in curiosity. "Well Sapphire said that its going to be at the wood shed, later today at 5 to 6 some students will meet up at the wood shed and make posters for Mia, you know just saying welcome or get better and stuff" she stated. I smiled at the thought of it. I knew that was all her idea. "Ok, I'll be there" I said with a smile. Andrea flashed me her pearly white teeth before walking off.    

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