Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


2. New Girl



Sapphire and I were still in the shed. We already chugged down six full bags of blood. "I think that's enough" Sapphire stated, while she threw the bag of empty blood on the ground. "Should we go back?" I asked with concern in my voice. Sapphire took her phone out of her pocket to check the time. "Well, it's you want to go?" she said. I thought for a moment, but remembered about the homework I had. "We have homework from Professor Margret" I reminded. Sapphire got up with a huge sigh. She then held her hand out, so I took it. I got on my feet, which felt really numb. I grabbed mine and Sapphire's bags. "You ready for the 5th Sunday?" she asked. I looked over at her in confusion "What's the 5th Sunday?". Sapphire flung her black and aqua bag over her shoulder. "It's when your parents pick you up from this dump and take you's actually the only time we get to see our families, crazy right?" Sapphire explained. I nodded "I don't know if my parents know......I'll call-". Sapphire then cut me off "They already know. the academy calls them two days before it happens". I just shrugged while walking over to the door. We walked all the way to the dorms without even saying a word. I then got to the roof, where my balcony awaited. "You wanna work on the homework together?" Sapphire asked. I got a good grip of my bag, making sure it wouldn't fall. "Sure" I simply said. I climbed on the wooden fence that held the vines against the brick wall. Sapphire of course followed behind. I pulled myself up making me step on the tiles. I then grabbed Sapphire's hand, knowing she was having trouble. I pulled her up making it easier for her to get up. "Thanks" she said. We both hopped over the railings of my balcony. "Why are your lights on?" Sapphire pointed out. I then felt worry wash over me. I quickly peered through the glass, hoping to get a good view. "I see two guys" I stated. I then examined them. One of them was Mason, but the I couldn't recognize the other. My eyes widened in surprise. I harshly opened the balcony doors to see Noah. "NOAH!" I yelled out. He turned around as he gave me a big smile. I ran over to him to give him a hug, but it turned out as a tackle. I quickly got up hoping he was alright. "Thanks a lot Mia" he said in his usual sarcasm. Mason helped him up which made me give him a proper hug. "Your so pale" I commented. Noah let out a loud chuckle. I finally let go of him, which made Mason pull me towards him. "Sup dude" Sapphire said. She held her hand out for Noah to take it, but he pulled her into a hug. "Don't think that after the break up, we became enemies" Noah stated. I then put my attention to Mason in confusion. "Break up?" I asked. Mason slowly nodded at my question "They used to go out before he was with Taylor". I turned to Noah and Sapphire, who were now let go. "So. you were with her?" I once again asked. "You make it sound like a problem" Sapphire said. I quickly shook my head "No, its just......I can't believe that you....a-and him....were together......wait what?". They all laughed at my silliness. Mason began to speak up "We actually came here to ask you if you wanted to eat dinner". Sapphire and I exchanged looks. "We, kinda just ate six blood bags" I stated. "And you didn't ask me to join you?" Mason asked. I awkwardly stared at Sapphire, hoping she would think of an excuse. "It was one of those girly know......we talk about shoes, makeup, clothes,boys, an-". Mason cut her off "I think I'm good". I giggled at his response. "How about, Mason and I eat, while you guys watch" Noah suggested. I nodded in agreement. We all walked out of my room and down the hall. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, we noticed that there was now a new girl. I then saw Olivia who was next to her. "Shit" Sapphire muttered. I watched as Olivia talked to her. The girl had a worried/scared face. "I think I should save her" Sapphire stated. I nodded while following her. "Oh my dear sister-"Olivia began before Sapphire cut her off. "What do you want now?" she asked. Olivia started to twirl her hair with her finger. "Well, I have to go hang out with my friends and I have no time for this girl, bye!". Olivia skipped away like a little girl. I looked at the new girl who looked like she felt worthless. She had brown hair, green eyes, and glasses.

          "Don't worry, she's always like that" I assured her. She just gave me an awkward smile. "So, whats your name?" I asked. She pushed her glasses up her nose. "Andrea" she simply said. I looked at the book she was reading. It was titled 'The Perks of Being A Wallflower'. "Nice book" I commented. Andrea looked down and realized she had her book in her hand. I then noticed she was one of those sensitive girls, so I tried to be friendly. "May I see your book?" I asked. She slowly handed me the book. I examined it. I then opened it up to see her name on the very front page. "Andrea Estela Medina" I read out loud. I looked up to see Andrea nodding her head. "That's my full name" she explained. I gave her book back with a smile. "Sorry, for my sister, but she could be a bitch sometimes" Sapphire interrupted. Andrea clutched her book close to her chest. "That's ok" she quietly said. "I'm Mia" I added while sticking my hand out. Andrea shook my hand gently. "And I'm Sapphire" Sapphire added. Andrea moved her hand over to Sapphire. They shook hands. Andrea quickly took her hand back. I started to think she would be a quiet one.

(Author's Note: Hey, sorry I take long on updating. I'm actually too busy for some reason. Anyways please like, comment, and favorite!!- Mystery Girl 12316) 

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