Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


7. Mason's Sister


Half of the day passed by fast. I was now at the duck pond with Mason. "You ready for the 5th Sunday?" Mason asked. I nodded my head. "Yup, I'm just worried, my parents haven't called me yet" I stated. I played with the strings on my sweater. "Don't feel bad, my sister hasn't called me yet" Mason said. I turned to him confused. "You mean your parents. right?" I asked. Mason shook his head. "Nope, my parents went on vacation to Switzerland, their leaving me to my older sister, Natalie" he explained. We then stopped our walking and headed over to a nearest bench. "I didn't know you had a sister" I questioned. Mason began to chuckle "I don't like to talk about her, lets just say that we don't have a friendly, brother, sister, bond". I rolled my eyes at his response. "You have got to be kidding me......what does she do?" I once again asked. Mason slumped back on the bench, trying to make himself comfortable. "Well, usually she is a sweet girl, but if you put her in a bad mood, she could be pretty bitchy" he explained. I slumped back with him. "Taylor bitchy or......." I trailed off. Mason sighed. "She could be pretty bitchy" he once again said. I smiled at his reply. I could tell by the tone of his voice that she was worse than Taylor. I sat up, pulling myself from the hem of the bench. "So, when can I meet your sister?" I asked. "You really want to meet her?" he questioned in worry. I nodded my head in response. Mason sat up to meet my gaze. "Tomorrow" he simply said. I watched him get up from the bench. He then offered me his hand, and I gladly took it.


Noah and I paced everywhere. We lost Mia and Mason at the duck pond. It's kinda awkward though. Noah would ask me questions, obviously trying to kill the awkwardness. "Where else could they be?" Noah asked. I shrugged my shoulders for a response. Noah let out a long, depressed, sigh. "I'm starting to get a feeling that they ditched us" Noah admitted. I just kept quiet, like always. I started to kick the pebbles that were on the ground. "So, watcha doing for the 5th Sunday?" Noah asked. I just shrugged my shoulders one more time. I looked up at Noah. I could tell he was getting annoyed. He then stopped us in our tracks. "What is wrong with you, I mean your so quiet!" he kinda yelled out in annoyance. I widened my eyes at his tone of voice. "At least answer me" he blurted out. I still stood there in silence. I started to think that I looked like an idiot. "Are you scared, shy, did you loose your voice?" he desperately asked. I giggled at his question while shaking my head. I then decided to speak up. "I didn't loose my voice, I'm just too shy" I quietly explained. Noah nodded his head. "You don't need to be shy Drea, well not around me, just think of me as a loved family member, or your closest best friend" he suggested. I just slowly nodded my head. We began to walk again. "Ok, lets start over, watcha doing for the 5th Sunday?" he once again asked. I shrugged my shoulders again, but this time I replied. "The professors told me that I have to stay in the academy, so I could catch up on what the class is doing" I explained. Noah nodded as he understood. "I almost forgot that your new" he said. I just gave him a smirk. Finally we spotted Mia and Mason. They were walking our way. "Where were you?" Noah asked. "We were sitting on a bench that's not that far from here" Mason pointed out. We then all decided to go back to the academy. The day actually passed by fast. While we were heading our way to a sideways tree, the boys were walking ahead, while Mia and I walked behind. I then heard a phone vibrate. I noticed it was Mia's. "Mia, your phones vibrating" I said. Mia gave me a smile while taking it out of her back pocket. I turned to look to my side, where I saw a field of grass.


I took my vibrating phone out of my back pocket. As soon as I had it in front of me, I checked the caller id. It said 'Mom'. I sighed in relief. I almost thought my parents forgot about me. "Hello?" I asked. I then heard my mom's voice come out of the phone. "Mia, I just wanted to let you know that I will pick you up at 11 o'clock am" she said. I nodded my head, forgetting that she couldn't see me. I quickly spoke up. "Ya, thanks mo-". She then cut me off. "And tell Jessica that she's going to be leaving with us" My mom added. I widened my eyes. I haven't talked to Jessica actually. We've been ignoring each other all day. "Can't you call her?" I whined. "Why can't you tell her?" she asked in confusion. There was dead silence between us, until I found an excuse. "I'm actually at the park right now, and she's somewhere else, we're definitely not going to see each other today" I stated. I heard my mom sigh on the other line. "Fine I'll call her" she simply said. We said our goodbyes and I hung up my phone. "I told you they'd call" Mason stated. I just rolled my eyes at his sentence. We got to the sideways tree as Mason called Jack. It's been really long since I've seen him. I had to tell him about Taylor when he first picked us up from the academy.    

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