Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


5. Advice From Taylor


After I left Drea at her dorm, I walked straight to mine. I sat on my bed thinking about this whole Jessica situation. I didn't know what to do. I actually needed some advice. I walked over to my desk, where my laptop was at. I sat on the chair and opened it. I looked at the time. It was 10:58 pm, so in Scotland it is 6:58 am. "Shit" I muttered to myself. I logged onto Facebook and tried to video chat Taylor, hoping she would wake from her slumber. It took a few moments until she answered. This was the first time I was going to see Taylor, since she left. "What do you want?" she groaned. I giggled at her greeting. "Well a hello to you too" I responded. Taylor smiled at what I said. Her hair was messy, obviously because I just woke her up. "Sorry, hows it going?" she asked. I shook my head with a sarcastic sigh "Never been better........". Taylor gave me a look. "Tell me the truth" she stated. I played with the ends of my hair. "We got Noah out of his room" I said hoping to change the subject. "And.....?" Taylor questioned with a 'go on' face. I rolled my eyes and looked back at Taylor. "And......Jessica's hanging out with Olivia" I blurted out. Taylor held her gaze at me. Her eyes were so wide I could actually see the blue in them. "Your kidding me?" she asked. I slowly shook my head. "So I got kicked out of the academy for her, and she pays me back by becoming 'best friends' with some slut?" Taylor sighed while trying to put her hair in a pony tail. "Hold on" she said. Taylor lifted her laptop and set it somewhere. She then turned the lights on revealing her new dorm. "So that's what your dorm looks like?" I asked. Taylor sat on a chair while putting her attention on me. "Yup, I'd rather have my old dorm than this small cubical" she stated. I laughed at her criticism. "Ok, now jump back. Jessica is 'best friends' with Olivia?" she asked. I nodded my head at her question. "I warned Jessica, but she didn't care, she said I had to accept the fact that their friends" I explained. Taylor shook her head in confusion. "Wait, wait, wait, didn't Jessica kill Olivia's sex toy?" she asked. I laughed at her question. I actually felt happy now that I'm talking to Taylor. I actually didn't feel like this since Taylor left. "No I'm serious, he was her sex toy" she stated. I clutched my ribs as I began to get cramps. "Answer me!" Taylor yelled out. I sat on the chair properly and looked at Taylor, who's eyes looked droopy from lack of sleep. "Yes. Jessica killed him, I even reminded her that he tried to kill us, but she didn't budge" I responded. Taylor tapped on the desk she was sitting at. I could tell she was thinking. "Well, as much as I know Olivia. She will try to get revenge on Jessica, but that's if she finds out" Taylor said. I held my head against my hand while I payed attention to Taylor. "Don't worry Mia, Olivia will soon find a new friend and drop Jessica out of the group" she explained. I then sat up straight. I realized what she just said. "What's wrong?" Taylor asked. I ignored Taylor. I was in deep thought now. I mean, Taylor said that if Olivia finds another friend, she would drop Jessica out of the group. She might have been doing that today. It makes total sense, she tried to get Drea into her group after she said she wanted nothing to do with her. Taylor snapped me out of my thoughts. "Mia!" she yelled out. I looked at Taylor, who seemed worried. "Sorry, I was thinking" I apologized. "What's going on?" Taylor once again asked. I was now surprised of the fact that Taylor actually knew when something was wrong with me. "Well, there's this new girl, her name is Andrea, but I call her Drea...." I stopped my sentence and looked up at the laptops screen. "Let me guess, she has my old room" Taylor stated. I nodded my head in confirmation. "Go on.." Taylor sighed. "Anyways..... today was her first day, and Olivia had to show her around, but when she saw Sapphire and I walk down the stairs she went straight to us-" I explained, but Taylor cut me off. "Let me guess, Olivia left this girl to you and then a few hours later she wanted her back". I widened my eyes at Taylor's interruption. It's like she was in the situation the whole time. "Are you a witch, is there a secret your hiding?" I asked. Taylor laughed at my question. "No, but I know everything about everyone" she responded. I just gave her a small smile. "Mia, I'm going to give you some advice, don't let the new girl get close to Olivia, not even an inch, and don't worry about Jessica, she will soon realize how much of a bitch she is" Taylor explained. "Ok" I sighed out. Taylor nodded at me assuring to me that things will go right. "Well, I'm getting tired as fuck, I'll talk to you later.....night" Taylor said. "Night" I replied. Taylor shut off of Facebook leaving me to see my notifications. I then stripped out of my uniform and put my pajamas on. I then turned the light off remembering that everything would be ok. 

(Author's Note: Hi, thank you for supporting my story it means a lot. I actually think the sequel will work. I actually have really good ideas for it. Anyways please like, comment, and favorite if you must!!!!- Mystery Girl 12316)     

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