Upside Avenue

A story featuring you. After being faced with a new reality, you must fight to protect the innocent lives of your world.


1. Dear...

In the present exists a world separate from the one you know. You know only of your world, your life, your ways. There are many of you, that believe in one form. But, life exists in many forms. You have reason for thinking so, because you have never known anything more. But the time for revelation is now. Look around you. These things that you see as "real" are just in your mind. Haven't you ever wondered? Wondered why the world is the way it is? There are answers, but you must trust if you wish to learn. You're world is imaginary. Unreal. Fake.

You are under a trance, a spell as your world might claim. It is time for you to break free. You don't understand me do you?

Many events in your life have lead up to this. Do you recall any of your strange dreams? They weren't dreams. You once visited the other world, but that was bad. You knew something no one else did. But, you're rulers did not want you to know. They covered it up by telling you it was only your dreams haunting you. Every pain you've experienced, every time you've woken up from a nightmare unable to continue your slumber, those have been warnings. Your leaders are trying to prevent you from finding the truth. However, you must. You are the key to the salvation of your kind.

Do you understand?

You are the missing piece, the hero. The corruptions that you see every day: you can stop them! You must find a way, before time runs out.

Who am I? You do not need to know me to understand me, thus you cannot judge me by my name, but merely by my words here to you.

You must wonder why you have been chosen. Why, it is because of who you are and who you were born to be. You, you are more than you seem. Though you thrive in a different land, you were meant for mine. You were given up, not out of spite, but out of love, as an infant and raised by others. Your birth world was falling apart. The new world have you a brighter future. Your birth parents have silently watched you grow all of these years as did the spies of your land. They learned your value and have watched you, too.

Now, the world you know is in danger. The little events you see on the news, the catastrophes and the disasters are more than they seem.

Your rulers are angered with you. You must fight.

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