torture of life


2. life

I sometimes stare at myself

Or rather think to myself

Life is so fucked up

Darkness overwhelms me

When he keeps telling me that I am always wrong

That I am worthless

That I am a disgrace

He thinks he is all ways right

Saying that I am wrong

That I justify my self all time making myself look like a dumbass

Although I know I am not

But then he makes me think I am

Making me feel miserable

I sometimes think

Would everything be much better if I wasn’t here?

Suicide comes into mind

Suicide notes come into mind

If I am gone, everything would be better

Except that the goals I have in life

Would be trashed

Dreams, hopes, and life

Would be trashed as well

But I keep reminding myself

I am better

I will be someone that he will later regret all the things he said

I will pursue my dreams with him out of my way

There would be no obstacle

I will be successful

I will be the one who is right

He would be the one who would be wrong

I will laugh at him

He will glare at me with hate

I will take it

It won’t hurt me

It won’t hurt me anymore

And I am glad of it




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