Miss Elonour Cover Up (Larry fanfic)

harry see's the new kid at school and falls in love with him. as harry is gay he goes to the gay club with his mate and he see's that Louis is there. harry and Louis talk and harry gets Louis number, then that's the start to a great relation ship. But when they become a band management give Louis a girlfriend called elonor to cover up larry. when Louis is forced to marry elonor harry gets left out and starts to self harm.


1. The New Kid

Harry was searching through his locker trying to find his homework when he hears a fight going on. "Hey guys, look it's the NEW kid" Derik the school bully shouted whilst slamming a kid into the wall. "what's your name new kid" a tough acting girl said

"L..Lou" He got cut off

"COME ON SPIT IT OUT, HAVENT GOT ALL DAY" Derik shouted. Harry stood there watching knowing he couldn't do anything. Harry went back to his locker.

"My n-name is Louis" Louis said as the bell went. Derik step towards him and Louis flinched, closing his eyes. "your lucky the bell went but i'll get you next time" Harry looked at Louis and Louis looked back at him then walked away. Harry's mate Niall walked up to harry and whispered in his ear "you wanna go to the gay club tonight" Niall touched Harry's butt laughing. Harry jumped "NIALL" harry looked at Niall angrily

"Mate im joking, calm down. anyways do you want to come or not" Niall said quietly. Harry stood there thinking "fine i'll come, but one thing" harry said seriously.

"what?" Niall crossed his arms in a sassy way

"Never touch my ass again" harry said laughing "well I got to get to class I don't want another detention" harry walked off to class.


When harry walked into class everyone look at him. Harry look around and saw Louis standing at the front, harry then looked at he teacher. "sorry sir I..i...I" Harry thought of a good excuse "I left my book in my friends locker and I had to get it" Harry ran to his seat, just before he sat down Derik tripped him and he fell, cutting his head and becoming unconscious.

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