Miss Elonour Cover Up (Larry fanfic)

harry see's the new kid at school and falls in love with him. as harry is gay he goes to the gay club with his mate and he see's that Louis is there. harry and Louis talk and harry gets Louis number, then that's the start to a great relation ship. But when they become a band management give Louis a girlfriend called elonor to cover up larry. when Louis is forced to marry elonor harry gets left out and starts to self harm.


2. I still love you Harry

"Harry. Harry mate, wake up" Niall shakes harry trying to get him up. Everyone was crowding around Harry worried.


This boy walked into class, he was pretty cute. He looked at me then at sir and made up an excuse for being late. I looked down, I heard someone fall I looked up and saw the boy was on the floor unconscious.  I looked at Derik who was laughing at the boy evilly. "oops sorry harry" Derik said laughing. I ran to Harry well I guess that was his name and I tried getting him up but he wouldn't. Niall one of my new friends ran in and came to harry. I was worried that something was wrong . Niall kept shaking him then he finally woke up.


I was being shook, I opened my eyes to see everyone crowding me. I got up falling back down. I saw Niall and he helped me up "what happened?" I looked around asking Niall

"Mate im sorry but I don't know" Niall turned to Louis "Louis do you know what happened"

"yeah, It was Derik" Louis said looking at him. Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me out class and took me home. Niall and me were both gay so we often wen to the gay club. Niall and me used to be together but people found out so we broke up. I have known that niall still likes me for a while now, every now or then he would touch me or kiss.


Niall walked over to Harry and lightly held his chin. "Harry I still love you" Niall said and kissed harry before he could say anything. "I LIKE LOUIS, SO GET OFF" harry pushed Niall away from him wiping his lips. "sorry harry, lets just go" niall said grabbing his coat and opening the door "Mate its fine" Harry grabbed the gay club passes and got in the taxi.












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