The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


36. chapter 35

Time, something that is bountiful here in the realm that has no rules when it does come to time because it is where the picture stops and you have to walk between them to get to the other but this was different.  Time had no meaning as we were stuck and we must have stopped.

“This is awkward.”  I heard Grimman mumble and I couldn’t help to smile if I could. The cool air was a nice touch to me in the weightlessness of the realm.

“I know um, why do you insist that I like you?” I asked and I heard long sigh from Grimman while his blue hair was flying gently on the air.

“Well we were once…” Grimman started but then I felt a slight wind open up and time resumed. We started to roll quickly back to the ashy surface. I could feel the heat come closer and closer to us as I manage to glance over to the side to see that the Flamoid had solidified to a rock.

“Look at what we had done.” I whispered to him when we finally stopped moving. We were on the edge of the volcano but far enough away that it was safe. We stood up and I was in awe that the land had stiffened to where it was almost like there was no life.

“There is nothing other than just a smoldering volcano.” Grimman said and we both looked over the edge.

“Just like us. “ I said looking at him and I felt the need to be near him. The likeness between us was unbelievable at the moment but I felt something that was pushing me to him. Our lips were inches in line of a kiss as I was nervous of being denied but just before we were truly in a kiss . I could see a flash of light blue and once again there was another brawl at my feet. Two people that I new started to fight and I knew that there wasn’t much that I could do because it was past against present. Lights started to flash from both of their palms that told me to back away a bit. I noticed that both Grimman’s were fighting once again possibly for my hand. What they don’t realize is that there are a past and present of me as well and we just glanced at each other as she was running up the hill.

“They are belligerent again over you?” I can hear Mircina behind me while all three of us watched the boys tumble around to the lip.

“Yes but there is three of us and two of them if they would just realize that we wouldn’t have this problem.” I said but then I realized that they were teetering on the edge now and then they were gone.  I was close to jumping in but it was too late as I dived to ketch them. I could only see both of them fall into the lava and into time itself to where I know I can’t take a picture of. Some things I just can’t change.

I lowered my head to where I could hear the sizzle of bodies that I know if the past Grimman went in the Present one wouldn’t hear me but either way nothing could change the crazy infatuation that he had for me. I started to cry as the bodies were slowly swallowed in my mind to where I was starting to feel bad. I looked up when Mircina walked away for a bit to go to where the Cleeven was.

“Why do you have that?” I asked in a trance and not thinking that there was the obvious answer to it.

“To end this once and for all.” Mircina chimed and almost threw the Cleven into the lava and I felt a rush of panic go through me.

“Wait!” I called just before she let go and turned to me stunned. “Let me do that. Besides what would the Cleven change?”  I asked and she rolled her eyes.

“The Cleven is what made our world so perfect but in order to let it live we needed it to feed on destruction and let this become earth.” She said and then I thought about the other one.

 “And the other Cleven is for our world.”  I suggested and my past self held the other side of the Cleven. I could see that this might be the last time we both see each other.

“If this works and then we will see.” Mircina said as she looked away and it floored me thinking that she said IF.

“What do you mean IF?” I jumped on her case and I can tell that she wasn’t what she was saying on one aspect that I didn’t think about.

“I mean that I am not a Keeper, I’m a Traveler like you.”  She said and I knew that she was right. I had broken my bounds to where I know that this would is starting to cease to exist now but then after I throw the Cleeven into the center of the world than I am hoping that it would work to where I can call myself a Keeper but an experienced Traveler as well. I chuckled a bit thinking that after all this time being stuck up about being a Time Keeper that I had forgotten about the thrill of life and expiring all that this gift could give.

“I guess you are right. So I am hinting that here goes nothing.”  I said as I let my past self grab the other side of the Cleeven but I stopped and glanced around. “Where is the other one?” I asked and Mircina self smiled and lifted the picture of the other Cleven.

“Grimman gave it to me as payment as well as leading me to you.” She said and I accepted the picture and I placed it to where I grabbed the other Cleven from the picture. The rings were smooth to where I felt a glimmer of hope that I might be able to see my home instead of these suppressed memories of it but then again, If I put the Cleven into a Volcano of Caverena and then not seeing that Earth had survived or not. I know that I did wrong, and now I feel that that life has to go as I used my abilities to leave the Cleven alone in the picture.

“Thank you.” I said as I placed the picture in my bag in a special place that way it would always be with me and that I can keep tabs on it.

I grabbed the Cleaven and I looked at Mircina with a smile.  She returned it as I was thinking that there was one last thing to do and I had a feeling that we might not see each other again. I could feel a bit of sadness rush through me but I managed to suppress it. “You want to fix this with me my friends.” I said as Mircina put her hands on the back as if to give our throw some lift. My past had the other end of the Cleven like we had earlier while I was on the other side, ready to count down

“Ok here we go the last time that we will possibly see each other.” I said as we said our goodbyes to one other. I took a deep breath as I saw the Cleven leave our hands. I heard the sound of it bounce off of the rocky edge telling me that we released it early because there wasn’t any distance. I felt bad for the sacred device as I saw it fall into the mouth of the volcano. The bouncing atom like ball went down the rocky surface until it hit the lava below. A gentile sizzle let me know that  the Cleven had made its destination.

Nothing happened after that. All three of us had worried looks on our faces thinking that this didn’t work and that was just a dud to where all we could do is try again into the past. I can feel the heat that was radiation off of me, thinking that this was a waste of a sacred item and turned away in disgust and wondering what to do now.

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