The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


35. chapter 34

The land vented and kissed out face as we went on through the valley but soon I could see it, the main volcano. Came to our vision and I was excited while I started to wonder were to climb for the safest route.

“This way.” The Flamoid said and I was happy that our guide had stuck to his job or so I thought for when we got at the lip of the volcano there what Grimman standing there like he had planned it all along.

“How?” I questioned to myself and then I remembered that the last time that I had seen him was nothing more than a scare than a true meeting. I can feel the warmth of my powers congregate on my hands.

“The meeting was short and I needed to be on my way, Besides, I knew that we both would meet again my love.”   Grimman said as he tried to step forth but stopped looking like he almost forgot something. “Although you are here for a reason aren’t you.”

I glared at him and I was thinking that he has something that I was going to be interested in and in the stillness I can hear the struggling grunts of Mircina. Behind him but it was to where she was out of sight and got me concerned but this time I was content with not knowing for not knowing exactly where she is at.

“And you know what that is?” I asked and my past self bumped me and if I had to lose one of the Clevens than I knew I had another one since my past self has the other one that had yet to be found. I looked over to my past self’s bag that she had wrapped over her shoulder and crossed my fingers quickly and then relaxed them.

“Of course Temetra, You need the Cleeven to correct your past and nothing more. “  Grimman said and I felt that I needed to act out his fantasy to just throw him off track as I can see the Cleven peek out of something like a curtain which brought me immediately out of my element that I was just about ready to go with.

“You have one?” I asked in astonishment and he glared at me like a starving animal that just captured a good meal. He crept closer and acted like he was lovesick with me and that he was searching for my like or for me to go with him, which by now he should know that the act shouldn’t work.

“Well, you gave it to me since I had found it in the first presence of you in my ship.” He chimed and I can feel the color drain completely out of my face and make the steam melt the colors into the blackness of ash.

I dove into my sack thinking that I had to have it in here. The scurry was not helping me because of the Nothings might become intertwined to where they might cross history. I couldn’t get to much light but all I wanted to see the circular object in my bag, which was hard to do. I started to peace out my bag being careful to use the memory pictures as what they are on earth instead of what they truly are to my kind. I could use my powers right now and wipe him out but then I just gave up. I had no passion of looking and scurrying in my bag for something that is right in front of me.

“Yes Temetra, it’s real.” Grimman sassed as I can see the globe like item in his hand to where I knew that I can handle that and that the Cleeeven had grater things than just keeping a planet in check.  I was starting to think that it could change time itself. I started to square off with Grimman but I was not the one that attacked first.

I saw a blast of Mircina’s hair and body over my vision. The two of them were fighting and all I managed to see was the Cleeven rolling away from all four of us, down the mountain it went while light started to shoot from the tangle of fists to where I never knew we had those sorts of powers. I saw a moment where I could take over as I looked at my past self. “Don’t just stand there get the Cleeven!” I called before I got into the fight.

I started to swerve to where it was two on one. I could tell that Mircina was as finished as I was with Grimman. “Mircina, Temetra,  I thought you loved me!” He called once I put my hands on his chest. I was having my powers willing to take him away forever in a picture to where he might not be gone, or will he?

“I never loved you!” I yelled and Mircina looked like she was on the defensive like I was.  Grimman, on the other hand, was hutting on a stone cold face and acting like I had just hit him to where his soul had left his shell with nowhere to go.

“You did.” He tried to call me out, but I didn’t listen to where the next comment wasn’t from me but the pacing of animal circles was starting to become a common thing between all four of us. I was getting tired of this and I think so was Grimman as a shot of light came from his palms and missed my past self by inches.

“Well then what about the Cleven? You framed me!” I yelled and then put myself right on top of him to where we rolled down the hill. Punching and kicking to where we were not going to let each other go. the strands of dust covered my body as we went down the hill but when we stopped. He was on top of me which was not the way I wanted to end.

I can see that he was ready to but me in a prison, An ever ending one that would give him full control though I was willing to fight as well in the realm that I was fighting in since a Time Keeper has to keep time in check since that is our name. I struggled as he hit the ground right next to my head and came up with dirt. “Hold still Keeper!” he called as he tried again but then everything started to change as I noticed that we were no longer fighting on ground and that we were spinning in thin air like there wasn’t any gravity at all, almost like we were placed in the realm that is almost two pictures that might be placed side by side to make anew.  Just like us, we were a past and present but now we are fighting for the future.

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