The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


32. chapter 31

I could see something in the distance but the wind had kicked up to where it was hard for me to see and thankfully it was a cross breeze to where I was walking sideways myself. I tried to keep my balance with the wind being my enemy while I came closer and closer to the outline.

The outline came clear that it was something that was from my planet instead of this planet. As I came closer I can see the same tinge of brown skin that I have and that the body was the same height as me, or something that way because all I could see was the length of the body that was laying down, which doesn’t say much.

I got excited and started to run across the ashy storm thinking that I had just found my past self. I saw the shadow turn into what I hoped and I was ecstatic. I knelt down to myself and it was plain to see that she was stunned at what happened as I can see a face that I knew quite well, my own.

“My future,” My past self greeted me and I was ecstatic that both of us were in this condition. Other than my gushing leg, we are both ok and not having that scary feeling of one of us falling to sleep and knowing how either one had passed away.

“My past.” I breathed thinking that I was lucky to be alive. I helped her stand and made sure the ash was removed from her eyes. I can see that she too was scratched on the legs and arms as I wondered how long have she been on the ground.

I looked around and wondered where our guide was but I knew the creature was either in the ground or in the river, singed. I started to move on when my past started to hold me beck. “Where are you going?” She asked and I knew that she didn’t understand what was at stake since she hasn’t seen all that I have seen and done.

“Remember our motto? I’m living it by going to our goal.” I said and she looked at me if I had killed the Flamoind and in a way I know that I had. I looked around and saw nothing other than the fact that I spotted what looked like a mountain on the other side of the lava river that we needed to cross again.

I sighed thinking that I didn’t want to do that again but I knew we had to. “We need to get across.” I said and my past self glared at me with dagger like eyes through her darker skin.

“We need to find our guide.” She said and I knew my past was acting silly. She knew that we have no clue where we are going without the creature. But alas, I couldn’t find the creature nearby but then I saw something that looked like the little Flamoid.

I stepped up with caution but I wasn’t sure if the shadow was the Flamoid or what creature that inhabited the lands. I came closer and closer to where I heard growling to where I knew I had enough time to investigate since the growls told me that this creature was not a Flamoid. I started to back away slowly but the creature spotted me and came running to me. My heart dropped thinking that this was going to be the end of the both of us if we weren’t going to get away soon as it got closer and closer to me while I started to back away slowly but not until l I felt the hot and smoldering breath of the creature on my body.

I turned and started to think of a way that I could put this creature down but that was just a thought. I started to run the other direction forgetting that I have the power to take this beast away by trying to get close enough that I could take a picture and try to destroy it that way but I knew if I changed one aspect it could change the entire world before this.

I turned a corner sharply while I saw my past self hold something from her hand. “Temetra!” she called and I was still trying to get why she was calling me. I glanced behind me and I didn’t hear the grounding of hooves or the heat that radiated from the bull gator like frame that was wrapped in ash and lava scales.

I started to get angry at her for doing what she did. That one choice would change a whole history but she must had known what I was glaring at her about since her eyes fallowed mine  to what I was looking at and she looked shocked and her mind must had clicked to what I was glaring. “Oh dear I need to release this creature!” She gasped, mostly to self than to me.

She slowly stepped away and made sure that the picture would not bring the both of us harm if we moved quickly. The creature ran out of its holds and instead of running towards us, it ran away from us and into the ashy mist.

I could hear the sound of the hooves and gator like claws into the ash and ground as it went away into the mist leaving me to think that we had done a greater job than I thought but then again, it being trapped in an everlasting loop for a minute on this land would be enough to become a century in the picture or no time at all, had never truly bin placed in one before. Although people have so many different selves that there is possibly a way that only if a Time Keeper holds all the personalities, then is when a person can truly experience life trapped in a time picture.

I started to wander the way that we were supposed to travel, happy to get going and that the threat was over. I started to stagger along as the events still linger in my mind as I wondered of what we have done so far is changing the world to normal.

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