The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


31. chapter 30

I felt the current go suddenly faster as if the ledge broke and it did a chunk that was the size of my little island broke off into the current. The fact that there might be a chance that there might be enough time for me to get to safety was slim but I had to push the thought out of my mind saying that this is my one way out for who knows how long and I don’t want to worry about my raft backing since it is already weakened to where it only held me.

I started to time the jump thinking if I miss or short I am in a world of hurt and more than that dead. The smoke all of a sudden started to sting my eyes as I thought that rubbing them would be a good idea but I was clearly wrong. I looked back cautiously  as I walked slowly to the edge and tried my hardest not to slip on the edge as time ticked quickly as my eyes watered to try to get the smoke and as that had aculeate on my hands.

I counted down to three thinking that it would help me calm myself down and focus and I ran forward faster and faster to where I can see the edge and I leaped into the air. The ground was gone from under my feet as I flew swiftly and quietly over the heated pad beneath me as I thought that I was going to be short since I leaped off the platform early as I looked down and started to look down but then I reminded myself to keep straight forward if I was going to land as such.

I felt my legs find ground but I couldn’t hold myself up as my body rolled to a stop. Happy to be alive and happy to still have my bag in line inside as I looked inside really quickly to see if all my time pictures were still in order inside that way none of my Nothings might be Impotence.

I finally took a moment to take in my surroundings. I am alone and only know to go upstream whatever this lava flow takes me and then we might be able to see each other again and continue on with this expedition.  I wondered if our escort is with my past self since I am starting to worry about her since the  fact that I had yet to get the main idea until later and this would only be my past self’s second time in the Flamoids’s home makes that she might surly be lost.

I started walking upstream on the wrong side of the river though I am not that surprised that my luck once again almost runs out.  The ash moved under my feet as I started to think that if nothing else I should map this place on paper and in normalcy instead of using my powers.

The quietness of the place made me think I am in a distracted earth other than a one that is just taking its first breaths before the green becomes the ground and the blue becomes the sky. The dark sky made the world feel murky and gloom but it only distracted me to pass the time while I am around this lengthy journey.

Something caught my eye while I was in my daydream and I looked ahead to where the river split to three equal rivers. One was furthest way from me when another was near that to where both could cross at any time.

I felt that there was not supposed to have the split there. I don’t remember the rock spitting up river at all throughout my journey to find the falls.  I was glad that there was a spot where there was a little ledge that I could easily hop to quickly since every one of the stones fell way under my weight to where I was scared out of my mind as I felt each one fall while I crossed.  The sound of the crumbling steps sounded like a life that would be lost without it and I hoped that mine would not be next in their grasps.

I fell and skidded across the surface on the other side as I stayed there for a little while, my face still in the ash just so I can have a moment to prepare myself for the worst, our guide dead and my past self, fading into the keen world of death. The tears started to come from my closed eyelids.

Soon I figured enough time to prepare for the worst of what I might find as I noticed that my legs were scratched up well to where I made rivers myself that were the color red. I ignored the aspect that I need to clean my wound and went on with the battle of keeping the sting out of my mind.

Every step was with agony as I had enough with bending down and keeping the blood out of my socks that became ultimately my dressing for my leg. Just seeing it being that way made me feel a bit better moving along these lands.

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