The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


30. chapter 29

“Remember we are not like you.” I can hear my past self say as we stopped at one of the lava banks. I can see the cooling but still extremely boiling liquid that could carve out something under our feet at any moment as a little bit of lava that was still strong enough to carve out another stretch of river.

“I know but making sure that the lava is going the way it should it is very hard to calculate, even for us Flamoids.” Our escort said as he started to glance over the horizon for possibly the best path for us to travel by but there was a flaw in scanning the aria at that moment and that resulted as a bit of lava getting the strength to change the environment to a river to a bigger one that joined two smaller ones that we just found a stopping of one that was just behind us to let us cross but that was all that the river and the goddess of fire would let us have.

I started to panic as I back up but My past self grabbed me as I did her as we both started to fall into the lava river below us, which would had surely had placed our skins in the oven to where it would had been non-existent.

“Thanks.” I breathed to my past self that only nodded at the response while my heart raced. I can now taste the danger that is now getting grater as a jolt almost put me back into my own grave of this hot river.

“What’s happening?” My past self breathed out as I noticed that we were moving as I knelt down, being careful that my knees and hands are not touching the ground for safety although I am afraid that my other body parts will need to be looked after at any moment just to be on the cautionary side.

“The river just broke loose! We need to get to sore there is going to be a lava fall here soon!” our guide yelped and I was not at all trilled to hear about that while we have to be digressing where our destination is.

“Great, How?” I called as I can hear my past self panic in her own little whimpers as I remembered how unsure I was in the beginning and unfortunately My past self hadn’t lost that, yet in this time in my life but soon she will lose it.

“Well, I can go under the river and then you can fallow but that wouldn’t work so…” Our guide rambled until the roar of lava sloping itself down into a pool sounded like someone putting thick slop in a bowl.

“That’s not god.” I thought as I started to huddle against my past self. I knew that this was it for both of us since this had to be where Mircina failed but I bet one thing, the Flamoids can handle and possibly manipulate the elements to where it might put it in our favor.

The Flamoids must also have a power of a mind reader since our guide started to calm himself and came to the edge of the raging piece of land. We were going faster and faster making the heat unfortunately bearable for us to handle the ride if it wasn’t the ashy partials that were still in the air that almost aced like tiny beaded massagers that hit our bodies.

The creature calmed itself and disappeared underneath the moving land which made me think that it had abandoned us as faces of panic were traded between the past and present. I could feel something below happen which made me think otherwise since the current was going downward but it was a downward as if there was a strainer into an underground cavern.

I was relieved that the straining idea is working while I scurried around in my bag for something useful at this moment whether it was another time piece or something that was secretly stuffed there for me to find. I kept searching and there wasn’t much in there now that was in the category of helpfulness and I was starting to think that this would be an excellent time for a surprise.  I knew I shouldn’t be panicking but the bad part is that the strainer was being clogged as the river started to rise and our guide had gotten out of the river by rising out of the rock surface that was our, now, raft as I looked ahead with worry to see rapids that were just ahaid of us and to make things worst our piece of land was splitting up!

The crackling of the rocks trying there hardest to split into smaller pieces as my heart jumped at each sound of a crack of the land around us and I thought that there was more danger and thrills then I wanted but that is just the way this whole adventure is.  I can see the land chip away slowly and fading into the lava that seems to be cooling and I thought that maybe we could swim in it and I just touched my finger in it and I was proven wrong as the pain was shot quickly up my finger and I instantly  pulled it back thinking that I was dumb to do so.

“Good thought.” My past self said and I was hoping that it was going to be different but nothing could be as what it seems and could be that simple as I can see more and more of our raft started to part. The crackling became louder while one of the cracks ran right though my feet and I quickly jumped over by my past self and we huddled together for safety and I was sure that we were going to fail as the edge started to show itself within the river. I think that there had to be something around here that would help save us other than our guide that is trying its best.

I could see and impression the weight that was shifting forward and I can only think that there might be a saving grace somewhere as I was forced to look over the edge to see the long drop that lasted to become forever that had a large pile of cooling lava below that slowly turned back into a river. The only possibility that I could see was possibly landing on the rocky raft and then going off the rocky surface right then but the chances of all of us landing somewhat safely on this pad, if it still is together when we land at the bottom, is slim to basically death.

 I wondered and tried my hardest to come up with a second plan but it was too late. Down we all went as gravity pulled us down faster and faster to where we weren’t going to live because our goose would be cooked to where the maker will await us an minute. I started to close my eyes since the heat that was radiating from the air was different when you are falling at a horrid rate of speed then not.

Then I felt a thump, a hard thump of happily solid ground that I was thinking that I was dead but instead all I could hear was the crackling of the place giving in where I managed to fall on my face to where I quickly got up and saw that nothing was broken, that I could see or have the adrenaline not to feel the pain to do. I can see that the part of finding the lock of ground was the way to go but this time I can’t seem to find my past self though if I am alive right now and have an unseen pain that would inform me that something had gone wrong. I can see that I was going down stream instead of the direction that I was supposed to be going in my mind which meant I had a bigger problem that I could solve easily if I only had my guide, I think, and the plan was to have him dig me out of this raft or just make a bridge.

But I knew that either one might be a long shot. So I just waited on my raft and hoping that there would be no more crackling other than the little bits off of the edge that I wasn’t too afraid of but I didn’t know how thick this platform is but I am sure it is not much which meant I didn’t have much time as it felt like the river went on and on without hope of a way off.

But as I saw that all way off was at a loss I could see that there was a little ledge that I might just be able to get on if I was quick enough since the river narrowed right then to a babbling brook of cooling lava.  In my mind I thought that that, depending where I wind up, would be the third version of the plan, I think the earthlings call it plan C.

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