The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


23. chapter 22

“Greatings, Queen of the Beginning.” I said as I knelt in front of her thinking that I have to show respect this time instead of an oaf that had never been in front of royalty before.

“Hello I see that you have found yourself in a circle, thus meaning one of you knows what to do.” Her voice ran and I was happy that she had gotten to the point but I still wanted to be sure that I’m not early at all.  Her flamed hair was in the wind as I thought that she had become friendlier since I had come back.

“I am here to be sure that my home doesn’t fall like my old one.” I said and her kindness faded as repeated that same conversation as earlier as I played the girl I was just to get time moving but Mircena was tending to myself so she was out of the conversation this time.  I was happy when I hear that her answer was the same and I was in delight. Time was eagerly on my side as the words that I thought I knew was coming had changed.

“Good, but your majesty,  our world is in turmoil, the eternal flame is stolen.” She said in a way that she was just trying to confirm that we had seen each other and I knew that I had been here before as my other self kept time on its course.

“Did a person take it that looked close to us? He is trying to destroy our world and yours. We need to find him if both worlds are going to be saved and if I am getting everything this eternal flame is going to fix everything in both worlds.” I can hear my pass self say which meant that I am at that point that I am just trying to save myself and I was just trying to direct the conversation to where Grimman shows himself again but the queen just nodded and that must had lit the past me to stand but my pass self still looked bewildered as I was when I first came here.

“But we will get the flame back for you though there is only one digression, we sadly are new to your lands and we wish not to be harmed. So I wish there is a guide for us to learn your lands.”  Mircina asked and I could feel the urge to keep the conversation running almost without a miss beat.

But then I see it when I was just about to speak once more a shadow appeared but it wasn’t just one Grimman but was two of them that were side by side and this time I was ready to fight. I didn’t feel tempted that these Grimman have right now since they both held the flame with their palms one hovering under the other.

I ran down the mountain to where he was above me but I wasn’t truly running away but I was getting in position to tackle one if not both of them.  I waited while I can hear Mircina try to redeem herself although it was mostly just me that had messed up on what I was supposed to do.

“Gimman, please think about what you are supped to become! I know that you are supposed to defeat the person that betrayed you and that is me!” Mircina admitted and I knew that would be the perfect time for me to charge as I started to run up the hill but I was caught off guard.

I froze at the fact that my pass self was right next to me as I looked at her in shock, “What are you doing?” I whispered and we stared at each other in distressed as I was in a panic.

“Trying to fallow you since you seem to know what you are doing!” My past self whispered and I let out a huge breath to try to calm myself as I nodded and tried to think that

“Just fallow my lead.” I said but as I looked back I could see was the last bit of the flame that was being held to where both of them would swish the flame out.

“Always full of flame.” Were the only words that both of them spoke as they looked at me dead in the eyes one set for each of me. Rage boiled inside of me as I can see my new target but before I can do he put his present hand on top of the other like they were going to squash the flame to where there flame would go out. “This is what you did to our world and this is what will happen to the world that had yet to come!” He called as they clamped their hands together and the light went out to say that I had failed again.

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