The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


21. chapter 20

I stared at her and thought that I should scold her but for some resin I thought that it won’t change anything in our timeline.  I looked behind her and can see that the aria that the portal was opened to was the earth I know that nothing could change the past that we had created but we can change what we had created and that what we have traveled to because one moment can change everything.

“I remember, Grimman made me.” I whispered and Mircina looked astonished.  Her open jaw was the facial expression of a painting that I had seen time and time again.

“He did” She questioned as we were silent for a while. The word around us was spinning while we were just standing there and not doing anything but the time was slipping away from us not because that the portal was closing it was our moment to change things for the better.

“Yes but that doesn’t matter now.” I said as I had gotten tired of loathing. “We have to get going.” I put my foot through the portal and Mircina changed her expression to guilt to determination.  Her flame was back in her sprit as she took my hand and we went through to the portal.

The bright blue was different than what I remember but I am not sure where we were at but then I see it the want to just lay there and let the clouds surround me to where I have no care in the world. All of a sudden, I see someone that I knew and it was me there where I began standing there and taking a moment of Nothing. I had forgotten the simplicity of just watching me thinking that I am supposed to be sing change right now, but something else was happening.  I was fading from that moment but I needed to see what was going to happen to me, even though I already knew what it was.

“What’s happening?” I asked Mircina astonished that what was happening as I was fading right in front of me but as the elements intertwined but I wasn’t truly fading away it was like the body that I was seeing was entering limbo instead of nonexistent like I would think would happen.

“Time is unsure which is real.” Mirina explained. I was thinking that the answer was obvious and just shook my head at the shame that I had asked the senseless thing. I start to walk forward and Mircina pulled me back. “What are you doing?” She asked as her voice rose but still had restraint. I glanced at myself and thought that I thought I had heard something as I can see myself question if I had saw anything as I glanced over to only see that Mircina had disappeared in that quick moment and I panicked a little but then I realized that the past was repeating itself which means that if it was I was just going into a full curricle.

I can see Mircina walk right up to myself and I was afraid that she was doing a horrible mistake and I knew that if I show myself the time would shift and the moment of history will change. I jumped out not thinking anything about that and immediately regret it.

“Mircina!” I called out and then I turn around and I am standing exposed from my hiding spot. Both of my pair of eyes widened thinking that I had made a grand mistake, on both aspects. My past self slowly creped out and reached out my hand as I shook my head saying no. My past self quickly retaliated and we just stood there, staring at each other like we had been. I wondered what I was supposed to say to myself when I wasn’t supposed to even see myself but yet Mircina was there acting like she had been planning this all along. I finally took a deep breath to calm myself down.

“Hello.” I slowly said trying to act natural but yet I acted if I was an alien whom is visiting earth for the first time.  I felt extremely silly but I thought that my greeting would have to do since I am one even before I got started with this mission.  I could see my own beading shine in the light that astonished me that the culture of our birth was similar to those around us.

“What is going on?” I can hear myself wine and I start to look around as the moment where the statue was supposed to change.

“No time for exclamation we have to go see Grmman.” I said and I snatched the hand of my other self and I thought that I am fallowing the timeline closely. But yet I am early, perfect.

I start to look around while my other self watched in wonder and looked white.  The unsuretenty was obvious while Mircina helped me but I could feel something on my neck and it wasn’t my neck that the sharp, cold object was putting its threat to it was Mircina’s and my other self’s whom was in danger.

“Can you see what I was doing?” I can hear Grimman echo in my ears. My facial expression that I can see was in shock as my own mind was trying to think that if he harmed me then what would happen to me now? I looked around for anything that I could use and then I figured out that I could do what I had done the last time I was in trouble. “Look in your bag!” I called and my person had a stoned facial expression. I slapped my hand against my head but Mircina knew what I was talking about as she grabbed something from her pocket and used her Time Keeper power to place it, not through Grimmen, but just right of him as all three fell through the shortened portal. I can see the place that Mircina had chosen to go to was the land of the Flamoids. I was happy that she had done that so we can see that aspect of time as I went through the portal.

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