The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


3. chapter 2

The statue started to fade before my eyes. The bright blue statue that celebrated the dawning of the town’s founding. The man’s face started to change to from a tattered man to a too rich of a man for this city and I knew what was happening, someone was mixing the time pieces that are called importanceses.

I can tell that the town was not seeing the same thing as I do but for some reason the kid that I was talking to had the facial expression that told me that the kid was seeing the same thing that I was and I noted it as the observation as strange.

“What’s happening?” The kid asked and I know that I had to erase the memory from the both of us so we won’t know each other at all.  I got close to the kid to where my powers can work on the both of us I reached my hands out and started to grab the moment of time from our skulls as well of reality to where we had never met at all.

I can feel time blend around me as the world spun into overdrive as the last few moments left into my palms. The rush that went through my body was exhilarating to where I was struggling to compose myself as well as trying my hardest to stand. I pulled the time image down from the sky and quickly set the time image onto the ground before I collapsed from weakness.

I caught my breath and then stood but the kid was still on the ground and I felt bad that I had to do what I did as I grabbed the dry dirt and threw it on the kid. I tried to keep reminding myself that it was for the best and that I need to travel alone now because of having two pieces of importance memories  being blended together to make one event that won’t make sense to history let alone the people that read them or study them to the point where they connect the two together even then since history had rearranged itself because of someone that had the exact same powers than me that may be younger than me or that they have more years then me but have gotten to the evil that this power can consume and then spit you out in a ball of hatred to where you cannot go back to what you were because history became you to where if you wanted to you can destroy a person of people like I started to think I accidently did.

I leaned over thinking that I did accidently bake the person decade in memory to where only the shell is there and then disengage from time itself to where they were never even given thought or breath. I felt on the back of the neck like I had seen in the seeing box of many worlds that this planet has. I felt a small thump that was beating inside of the kids body that felt like a normal consistency and I thought that it must mean that the person has what the people call a pulse.

I can feel eyes start to glare at me as I ran into the wooden aria nearby. The thicket scraped my legs as I passed the arms of the plant I felt horrible that I had to leave the kid unattended and not even the glance back to where I can see the kid behind me which I wish I could go back and see if someone comes to the aid of him or her.

But alas I kept going faster and faster knowing that I must find whoever is doing this to stop them since this type of collecting is illegal. I got to the clearing and I was stunned whom I found while a boy that I must have met before because he turned to me and brushed his midnight blue hair out of his eyes and a sheepish grin grow slowly to where he drew a galaxy worth of suspicion that he knew me but I don’t know why, once again, I do not know him at all.

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