The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


20. chapter 19

I looked inside my bag and found another time peace in my bag and was happy to find it still in there. I could see the beautiful scenery just before the meltdown of my home planet. I know that I am going to be messing with time and history if I do this but then something I thought that it was the only way that I could solve it caught my eye. A picture of earth that I had forgotten that I had.

I got the picture out of my bag and carefully tucked the other one into my bag. The look of Mircina just before everything started and I could use it to get back to the moment and change that aspect of time and hopefully change everything.

I placed the moment into the wall of the universe and thought that I have to be careful that way I can only mess with whatever I need to do, which is distract myself and find Grimman. I took a deep breath and thought this is going to change everything but as I start to go through the portal something inside told me to stop. That something was myself and I listened but when I turned around to sit on the unsteady platform I see Mircina and I was happy to see her.

“You were going to resolution something?” She chimed and I was left speechless thinking that this has to be a sly hoax but as I touched her on the shoulder, somewhat hoping that it would fall right through, it didn’t. I stood there mesmerized for a minute then suddenly it was her turn to be like me, frail and unsure but I knew that it was just a sham when she leaned over and tried to shake my hand. I backed away knowing that the in-between universe can feed off of any aspects of life including making something clearly real to the senses to be clearly false and leading you to fall forever without landing.

“Yes Mircina,” I hissed showing no compassion towards her to show that I am unsure at all that she is real. She looked at me stunned at first but she had softened as she walked right pass me and I can smell the ash of the land of Flamoids had fallen. She stared at the peace of time and reached out  and grasped it saying, “I have a better idea.”

I quietly watched as she did her work and I was starting to think this had to be completely amassing that she had survived this whole thing as I can see her putting up the land of the Flamoids and then I knew what had happened, she had failed.

The joy that I had felt when she originally switched the time pieces turned into concern while her eyes looked a little welted like she wasn’t the girl that I knew. “I knew you would’ve escaped but I almost ended my own life… I should have saved you or at least told you about the Cleven.” She said and I was stunned that she had mentioned that and I looked at her wide eyed and wanted to kill her. As the last few words escaped her lips. “Grimmen was right. I did frame both of you.”

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