The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


18. chapter 17

I feel like I was asleep for hours as I awoke in the cockpit of the escape pod. I tried to be sure that I was ok but it was hard when you felt quite dizzy like you might had bashed your head into the back of your seat.  I wanted to open the hatch but the clouds of dust that gathered around me made it had to tell where I am at.  I finally think that world had stopped spinning though my own eyes to where I can start to look for holes and read the gauges to where I can possibly  translate if it was alright to come outside to explore what this unknown area has to offer.

I can barely read the gauges that looked at it, blurry in my own vision but more so in my lack of practice of my own home planet’s language even though it is close to the English that earth specks but it is still a different type of speaking all together.

I wonder why I even try to let people come with me in the first place as all I want to do is let the past be the past and just move on into the future and yet I have completely forgotten that I might be able to transfer myself to the other side of the picture but yet my wonder of what is out there makes me want to go out there and to just see what might be out there and yet then I remember my home.

“I need to go back and protect it.” I mumble to myself but then I think that I wasn’t able to see what was going on at the outside I see a hand. A small one that was almost like a child’s but a bit bigger.  The hand was with caution as the dust was scraped off from the window to show a rugged face that was stripped of essentials other than what the person could find. The curly top hair showed boldly while the gender was hidden in the silhouette but I figured it was more of a male’s shape than a female’s.

“sthello?” ( pronounced : S-thel-low,) I said in my old tongue but the Silhouette reared back possibly thinking that I had to have been dead inside here and was not expecting me to say anything as I figured to try in the English that I had learned from my time on earth. “Hello?”

“Hello, are you a person?” the silhouette asked and I was concerned thinking that she might asked that I was a person for some reason.

“I am one why you ask?” I shouted and the silhouette carefully moved the dust around to form one word that was more of a warning, “move to the end of the rocket.” It said and I did just I was instructed to where I heard glass shatter around me like my wants to be a simple keeper was shattered once again by just that moment.

I waited a few seconds before I opened my eyes to a dark skinned teen to where I was surprised that the person was showing a human like structure but with the same beading as me and I wondered where I was at once again.

“Hello, You sheva?” She asked and I smiled and got up and brushed off as much of the glass that I could that was easily removable from cutting my skin.  I can see the red eyes that were almost carved from a hot liquid that I was amazed to see.  I could tell that she might have been a half breed that meant that the kid has to be a different generation than what I originaly came from but I was still wondering where I was at as the sky was a dark clouds of ash and smoke from somewhere off into the distance as a river of lava made the heat known by forming itself nearby to where I can see the lava carve itself from the inside of the planet outwards.

“No, well maybe… Where am I?” I asked once in English and then another time in my old world tongue and I was trying to fight back tears because this is  a devastated planet but the scene only made it worse when the other person spoke the name I didn’t want to hear at all.


I must had went through a wormhole with Grimman that or he had a Impotence in his pocket to show me this devastation. I wanted to take out the bench again thinking that the bench could take me back and not change a thing to where I could stop Grimman and say that I am too far departed into this new world that I had existed in.

“What is the year?” I sked thinking that I was in the begging but the child’s eyes started to tear to where I hoped it was the dust but I knew i was clearly wrong. I started to become in a trance thinking that once again my life should be a simple earth girl that loved to collect Nothings but kept it as a secrete for this is the reason.

“The year 132113.” The Kid responded softly and I thought it was odd that those numbers would intertwine into something that would be an Importance.

“What happened?” I couldn’t help but let a tear stain my cheek thinking that I let this happen but unlike other people I have another chance at succeeding unless the dead is already done but I can convince myself can’t I?

“Our life changed when A Grate power came in a time warp and messed with our power source that we had gathered from another planet eons ago. “ the kid explained and I was saddened and knew that either Grimmen or Mircina had been here and is messing with me.

I just fell to my knees for some resin and broke down crying thinking I need one more time peace, the one that started this mess. ”Save the past, Save the Future.” I croaked thinking that I have to find the meaning but for now I come up with nothing.

“I don’t understand.” The person asked and glared at me with a gun that threatened to end my life. I didn’t care at the moment if the person pulled the trigger so I could just be like this planet this planet that looks like a wasteland of what I used to know.

“You wouldn’t unless you were in my shoes.” I mumbled and the person must had recognized me from seeing me some time to find out whom I am.

“Try me Unknown Space person.” She commanded and lowered her weapon as an act of pure mercy and I knew I had to be extra cautious with my wording.  My mind raced with all the things that I had done but could not come up with a resin behind it or a motive of personal allegation to work towards the motive that seemed perfect of what seems like a few days ago or whenever that was.

“My Name is Temetra…” I started slowly not having a clue what is spurring out of my mouth. “I am a time keeper and I had been back in time and captured and…” I realized I started to ramble a bit and the person smiled and lifted back her hair to show me the female beading of my homelands.

“And we are a wonderful race after the grand explosion.”  I was confused by the allegation that the person had made. I started to wonder how wonderful we could be by holding the burden of losing our own homes.

“I was the cause of it...” I admitted it and I could feel the barrel on my head.

“Stand.” I can hear the command and I thought that I was going to be blasted away into infinity.  I had a bit of problems when I tried again and again to stand while sliding on the ashy ground while making an absolute entertainer as I hear some humble snickering above me which I thought was appropriate.

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