The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


16. chapter 15

“So you had time to reflect on yourself.” I can hear Grimman say and I was surprised to see his face that was full of wonder that I mist had still been in the same spot since I started to get flashbacks that I didn’t think I would have.

“You can say that.”  I mumbled thinking that I wanted to live my life on earth but I got what I wished for, the resin why I was there in the first place and I wasn’t my past to be that covered in lies and cheating but that is a part of life.

“Good, then you know that I am innocent.” Grimman laughed and I was scared that I wanted to say not yet but I shook my head in a lie.  He smiled and hovered over me to where I thought he was going to strike me down to where I would be back in that phase where I will find more about myself but I knew I needed to move on with my life that has been on hold for much too long.

He knelt down to me and I wanted to move away knowing that I rather die at this moment because of the fact that I am a keeper not a traveler. But instead of making me his slave he yanked the chains off of me and I smiled. I a rush of happiness came over me as I jumped into his arms and he smiled knowing that he could manipulate me into his bidding like Mircina did long ago. I began to arise from the ground and we looked in each other’s eyes like we wanted to brake from each other’s gaze but I knew we both could not.

I finally got the gumption to look away and I felt a tear run down my face. I didn’t know that I had closed my eyes that tight but Grimman saw it because I could feel a hand silently wipe it away.

“Why are you crying my once love.” Grimman said and then I really lost it and started bawling letting the stress wash out of me that I was put under.

“I am a time KEEPER!” I yelped and Grimman put an arm around my shoulder. I thought he was the enemy but instead Grimman has become my friend.

“I know and that is why I wanted to be alone.”  He whispered into my ear. I was wondering what he meant by that as he gotten closer than I thought he should into my personal space as I shoved him off while trying to create more distance between us.  I started to turn to run away but the thought of it brought more anxiety to me as I just went with it.

I can hear my feet pound the tile floor not caring the slightest if Grimman can fallow me as I rushed through the halls thinking that there has to be an escape pod somewhere in this craft but when I finally rushed myself to find them going this way and that and crossing the same paths to where the area was duplicates and maybe triplicates before I found out that they were mostly all used.

I plastered myself against the wall thinking that any moment Grimman could find me as I quickly looked around and crouched down behind a group of three unused escape pods and was glad if there was any way this would go bad I could use these.

“Come out! Come out! I know that you are here Temetra!” Grimmen called. I could hear his voice boom in the room as I could feel goose bumps grow onto my skin. I watch him go over to one center where there was one that was opened and looking inside. He huffed like he knew I was trying to elude him.

He glanced around one last time as I sunk lower to where my restraints clanged against the mettle floor. I held my breath as he came to me slowly. The clatter of his slow footsteps sounded like a clock to me as it ticked away to my demise. I wanted to get smaller to where I could easily slip out of these restraints.  I can feel the air that scorched my hair as he excels over me. I was glad that I was just under his eyes to where he looked over me and slowly walked out of the room.

I stayed frozen in my place till I heard the door slammed behind me and lock after a short pause. I jumped to my feet as I can see the evil smile grace across his face and that is when I am remembered that he is still my enemy at the moment.

“Why?” I asked in a tome that I had never heard come out of my mouth and even I was stunned that that one word streaked the moment with my own thoughts.

“Because I knew you were here even though I still love you I think I must let you go.” Grimman yelled to where his voice formed a slight muffled boom among the quiet.

Then a siren sounded to the room. It pierced my ears to where it felt like they wouldn’t hear ever again. But I got up amazed that the buzzing didn’t bother me much as the pressure change as an escape pod right next to me opened up next to me and begged me to get in. My mind raced of reasons to get inside while the vacuum of space tried to show itself while my instinct made my mind up for me. While the door open and the world of just a vast unknown of starts and who knows what else because I knew we were somewhere to where I have no clue to where what era we were in.

I stuffed my body into the serenely comfortable pod that was a little snug to my liking but I have no choice now while the lid latched tight around me and I knew I was going to be thrown with the trash heap I might as well been in as I looked above me to where I couldn’t see Grimman’s face but I knew he was glad that I am on my own for the moment in a little rocket by my lonesome.

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