The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


15. Chapter 14

I awoke on the grass of earth disoriented and confused as a slight breeze that came through the green plants that was on brownish like poles but other poles only had thin rope between them.  I looked around and realized that I was sleeping and had no clue what I was doing here or why I was on this beautiful hillside that I wished I could capture the moment and then I felt my palms get hot and I wondered why they were like this I reached out in the clouds where I felt something let my hands slice through something warm and cold at the same time as opposites and darkness comes a bright light that I grasped the edges. I pulled back and felt the time stand still as I can see what I have done while that was holding a piece of time itself.

I was stunned and dropped the time peace that I had. The bright blue sky blended into the ground to where the ground slowly became the sky. I was stunned at the fact that I could do something about like this type of power.

I observed around and found that no one was around and I was relieved since I assumed someone might have spotted me but I was ecstatic to find that no one was around. I never knew that I had this sort of power and I knew that I had to vanish.

I ran across the grass letting the word vanish come across my mind and I knew that would have to be my motto since the next few days I was alone in this world that was much like something I once known and loved but couldn’t find out what.

I can see the lights of something far off into the distance as a small town came into view and I was very excited to overlook the simplicity of the settlement that was just a few cars and the simplicity took my breath away.

I knew this was my place as I scurried down to it to start anew in this place that felt so much like home because I knew then it was my home but now as I look back it was just a surrogate. I could see the vehicles these creatures drive and how much of a rampage they were in.  Some of the creatures on this planet were in some sort of handling device to where they were talking to themselves, which I saw was odd as they went on passed me like I wasn’t from somewhere that was not in this realm. I was in a trance while I gazed around in a daze trying to take it all in.

I knew I was an outsider before but I now know that I have to be careful about everything I do because I had the powers of destroying their world  which I feel like I have done before but I don’t recall how.

“Where am I?  What is this place? What are these powers that I can maneuver that seems like nobody else has in this atmosphere?” I question as I explored the town more in depth. I was alone and in a new world that looked easy for me to mostly blend in since I look exactly like them other than the hair color and the fact that I have some natural beading of small green balls of almost like a piercing for the normal dwellers which I am ecstatic to see , since other than a few of them on the male’s arms and a few on the face but not as many as the women on their faces that paint a curved tear on the side of each of the women’s eyes.

 I know now that I look back at this moment while I stare out the window of the spaceship that I am in as I looked away from the fact of my last words that went out of my mouth was the last bit that I let myself look back on before something broke my concentration. “I’ll figure it out. I just know that I am different than what meets the eye.”

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