The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


11. chapter 10

“I hope that we locate Gimman soon.” I complained and Mircina glared at me with hopeful eyes but then I felt something that was hard as I bounced off of something that was solid but invisible.  I tried my hardest to feel around it but I could only feel walls.

“What’s wrong? Are you unhurt?” Mircina asked and I looked at her smiling and she returned the favor by doing the same.

“I don’t think there is a door but I would like to know what this is.” I said as I started to pound the invisible solid something that was in front of me as I gave up looking.  As I can hear a little tapping by me and I knew it was Mircina doing the same as I am.

“Quiet Temetra!” Mircina yelled and I was still irate at her from earlier and I glared at her to perceive that she had already opened the door to another vessel. I gave her a look that I know made her feel uneasy as I thought that I was dumb for going one more nudge to the left instead of keeping on going right. “I found the door inside common. Just remember to be quieter this time.” She said and she stepped inside leaving me to think that she was trying to mock me because this was my main question of what this was.  I heard my feet tap on the surface that insolently felt like I was not supposed to be there. The eerie darkness surrounded me as I started to look around for any light.

“I see that you found my abode.” I hear a sound in the distance and I recognized Gimman’s words of terror anywhere. I turned to where I could see his midnight blue hair in the dimness of the space that he was in while my heart skipped a beat while he walked out of his area. The fear filled me quickly and making me motionless thinking that I had stepped into his layer. The creepiness of the tin vessel started to get to me as he came into the light holding the one thing that he needs as I let my gaze around thinking that this might be the last place I see.

I start remising through my sack for the other half of the time picture but Mircina put a hand on my arm that was submerged in my bag. I fallowed her hand to her face and her eyes glowed letting me know not to reveal it now.

“Silent? Please ladies. I don’t mean to be rude but I am just a humble man that has many secretes.” He snickered and I was trying to hold that he might have the one thing that I need or want. I decided to go with what I need and what I need and that is the flame.

“Where is the flame?” I yelled and started to go after him and trying to make sure that I hit him but he vanished before me and instead of punching him I got the mettle wall that was behind him. I can hear the hallow sound of futuristic mettle that was not supposed to be here at the beginning of time or should it? Pain rushed through me thinking that I wasn’t thinking when I did that as I held my hand in the position that it landed in.

I finally got myself to turn to look at Mircina but when I did my heart fell when I saw Gimman behind her and holding my friend captive. One of his hands were holding something magical and I knew what it was, he was going to get ready to steal every last bit of her memory of me and then keep her as ransom.

“What was that about my old love?” He asked and I was stunned that he used the words old love. I felt that it was atrocious that he would call me that without me knowing a bit about myself.

“You have something that I need.” I said and I can see Mircina shake her head furiously like she didn’t want me to speak at all other than just try to find another flame for the Flamoids to live off of other than a normal flame from fire but I am not sure even that would aid them since this is what they survive off of what I give them.

“I do and it is right here if you don’t come with me or that you don’t care about this person that had gotten you into this mess.”  He snickered as I can see the growing light that was residing from his palm and I couldn’t help to feel that this had happened to me before this even happened to me as I looked around to try to think but yet I came up with the same answer.

“You win Gamman, I will go with you if you just let Mircina go.” I sighed and he came right to me and put his hands to move mine behind my back while I felt the heat in my back knowing that there is more than what he had shown to be more than what meets the eye and I am destined to do find out.

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