The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


2. chapter 1

I look around and see that it is safe to touch this little memory before someone comes by. I can see the beautiful red mahogany bench with the nice city around it. I had been watching the bench and the scene for at least three human hours now and found out that it is safe to take the peace of time. Since it is my special gift to do so and then if I ever need to I can come back and visit the same aria in the same time, the same place whenever I want to and it was ok to take since nothing has happened other than people doing ordinary things. I know it is illegal to do that but it is the only way I know to find the true crooks the ones that steal true memories not the ones that wouldn’t matter that I take it or not.

I reached out and can feel time itself braked and stand still behind me as well as around me. I love it when the world latterly stands still whether it was dead of winter or the brightness of summer. I am the only one that can enter this realm as I pulled the peace of time and started to shape it while I had it in my hand plus I had to be careful as time started again and in this bench would elapse only a few moments into the future while the rest of this world would only think It was them daydreaming away.

I scraped the edges to form what I want letting the pieces fall  into shatters at my feet as I can tell that time was blending into each other but these things blending together is not dangerous for that is why I was here a long time to be sure that what I can take and what I cannot. I looked at my work and it felt that I had done a job well done and then I turned around to see someone behind me.

“Halloo?” I asked and I thought it was strange that there was no one behind me and then I started to walk away and enjoy what this time has to offer. I can see the skyline in front of me as well as the hassle and bustle of the street.

I looked around once again thinking that I have to be on my guard now or else some earthling will find out about my powers and that would be the true death of me as I shrugged my shoulders as my eyes fallowed, my supposedly item that the people here on earth call a picture, into my bag making sure that if I lose my shoulder knapsack it would not collide with any other of my time pictures knowing if I let them touch there is a chance that time would blend to whatever the collision might be.  The nice thing is I placed the picture of the bench were a picture of a rusted out car was right next to it. It might be odd for someone sitting on the bench be suddenly in a rusted bench-car combo it might be a nice touch to the quiet park but I don’t mind the quiet.

I looked up from securing the pictures in my bag. A small person was right in front of me and I almost jumped out of my skin to see the tiny person, which you humans call a kid, staring at my bag wide eyed like the kid just saw something marvelous happen in front of him or her I cannot tell by the hair style and by the clothing looked to me very cross lined. I knelt down to his or her level while the kid looked at me still bugged eye from possibly the amazement of me taking the peace of time and shaving it down to size to where I could easily place it in my bag for travel.   “What is your name little one?” I asked thinking it was just an imaginative child that the parent would never understand.

“I am not allowed to talk to strangers.” The kid wined and I can tell by the sound and usage of vocabulary that this one was very young at least four or five. I knew that the response was typical for a small earthling. I looked around and spotted many parents around and I wondered which ones were this one’s.

“Well I am only a temporary version; of someone you call a stranger.” I said and the kid cocked his head to the side as a look of not understanding. The kid must not have as much intelligence then me and I decided to tone down my impeccable speech for the time being.  I thought of ways to make it simpler to where the humanoid can understand. “I will only be a stranger for a moment till we find your older kind.” I said and then the child looked like he understood.

“You mean in till we find my parents!” The kid squealed and I was not ready for the high pitch that tried to shatter my eardrums.

“Yes of course your… Parents I guess that is what you small humans call them.” I said not sure if I am saying even the right words at this moment to get my point of the conversation across to the small person.

“I don’t have any parents I just have me.” The little person sighed making me think that this person is like me, alone in this world. I wanted to take this person with me to become another keeper and travel with me but then I could see possibility of this kid grabbing an importance and then I see it a person behind me and I quickly scoot the child behind my back.

I can see it the fading of an item and being mixed with something else the statue of the large city that I had called home… Is being replaced.

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