Mysyery boy


1. me

Hi my names Desiree (dez-ER-ay) I'm 15 I'm a popular girl at school but I'm not like the rest of the popular girls I don't sleep around and I rarely go to parties I'm nice to all people to be honest I dont even know why I'm popular anyways I have a boyfriend his name is Drew he's 16 he plays football and he's popular we'll sort of he wasn't popular until I started dating him he's a jerk and he bullies every one even his little sister Avery who's 13. I want to breakup with him but every time I try he threatens to beat me or something and he's also bipolar or something. sometimes he's sweet and a lot of times he's an ass. A little more about me is I have a really bad temper but no one knows that because I hide it and sometimes it gets very hard but anyways that's me

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