Teenage Hearts *Remake*

Have you ever feel so heartbroken, betrayed, backstabbed, a loner. Every heart has it's story, every teenager has problems with old pasts and some has problems with their enemies known as your 'best friends', well that's my story I'm Emmi Parks and I have a story to tell you...


2. Welcome to Hell!






Those words are always thrown to me EVERY...SINGLE...DAY..

I just hate it!! My life sucks! I always get bullied, pushed against the lockers and kicked in the stomach, okay maybe I made that one up, but I always get pushed around and I'm tired but I can't cause I'm too weak to fight back.

"Miss Parks! Are you even paying attention!", my biology teacher, Mrs Watson was basically the strictest most boring teacher in the earth planet.

"Yes Mrs. Watson I'm definitely paying attention", I sarcastically said but to her she believe it.

"Teacher pet.."as the boy who I hate said, and used to be my close best friends but now since he change and basically my friends change, Niall Horan the 'hottest' boys in the school, he bullies me everyday and his slutty girlfriend Avery Rollings, the head cheerleader in the cheer squad.

Niall is in the football (soccer) team and I known that because he loves football and loves to play it every day wen we're little, but now he change but he is still a good rocking player. He introduce me to his friends back in primary school when I moved here in England.


I walked in the classroom and I have no idea who the heck are these kids. As this really cute blonde boy with shining ocean eyes came towards me.

"Hey I'm Niall Horan, what's your name?"

"Emmi Parks...I just moved here from America.."I shyly said.

"I can tell, come on I will show you to my friends..."he so as as he grabbed my hand and pulled me to his friends, there was five boys and three girls.

"That's Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson,Zayn Malik,Liam Payne,Danielle Peazer (yes I'm still using her) Eleanor Calder and Perrie Edwards", he said as I waved to them.

"Guys meet Emmi Parks she moved here from America"

"Hi Emmi we will be the best friend you can ever have!", Perrie said as I smiled.

*end of flashback*

A tear came down as someone approached me.

"Aww look at the little baby crying! A pathetic loser!", Perrie yelled as the class begin to laugh, including Mrs. Watson! I knew she hates me...

Anyways yeah Avery sucked Perrie, Eleanor,and Danielle in and now they hate me and bully me including Harry and the others, they were like my brothers and sister to me now, they like Cinderella step brothers and sisters who treats me as a slave.

"You know what Perrie! Screw You!", I yelled as the teacher slams her fist against the desk.

"Miss. Parks that's the tenth time you use that language! Go to the principal office now!", see she hates me, and I barely cuss a word in her class that was my first time saying that, and it wasn't even a bad language!

I rolled my eyes as I took my stuff and walked in the office, I hate this life...

(Lunch Time)

Yes!!! Lunch time! My favorite time in school, as I walked in the cafeteria, and spotted my friends Allison and Chase. They helped me through Niall and his gang, Allison saw me crying in the bathroom cause in freshmen year Niall was hanging out with new people and I went up to him and he punch me in the nose! It hurts as hell! And Allison told me that I'm better off and so I started hanging out with her and Chase more.

"Hey Em's I heard that you got sent in the office?", Chase said.

"Yeah it's because Mrs. Watson said I used a bad Language and it was my tenth time using it, and I barely said anything in that class", I said taking a bite of sandwich.

"What did you say?", Allison asked.

"Screw you Perrie!", I said as they laughed.

"Wow you guys were best friends back then and now your guys are enemies", he said as I nodded.

"Hey look! It's the Fatty Slut!", I turn it was Avery and now Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie and some other girls I have no clue who they are.

"Is that suppose to be an insult Aves...cause your really bad at giving insults to losers like me", I said.

"Whatever! Anyways you got something on you cheek", she said as I check but nothing was there.

"Here I get it for you", she said as she slapped me with pudding, as I didn't see Eleanor tripped me back.

"Say Cheese Loser!", Danielle said as she took a picture of me, everybody was laughing.

"Stop it!", Allison yelled as she and Chase helped me up.

"You guys are so unbelievable I wish I wasn't your best friends in primary school!", I yelled as I walked away with Allison and Chase.

Perrie P.O.V.

"You guys are so unbelievable I wish I wasn't your best friends in primary school!", that hurt me, wait! Why does it hurt me! I hate her! She fat loser! But...she is my best friend ever since Primary school, well was my best friend.

"Perrie?", Avery waved her hand in my face.

"Sorry?", I said.

"Come on let go sit with our boyfriends", she said as we walked to the table with Zayn and the others as I say with him and he put his arms around me and kissed my cheek.

"Hey babe, what's up?", he said.

"Hey guys take a look of what Danielle take", Avery showed them and laughed I pretended to laugh, but to me it's kinda mean...what have I done..


Okay so here the remake!!!! I was kinda confuse in the chapters on the first story but I promise I will make it.

~Hal <3

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