Teenage Hearts *Remake*

Have you ever feel so heartbroken, betrayed, backstabbed, a loner. Every heart has it's story, every teenager has problems with old pasts and some has problems with their enemies known as your 'best friends', well that's my story I'm Emmi Parks and I have a story to tell you...


4. Unbelievable

Emmi P.O.V.

We walked around few shops, I wasn't enjoying this. Because:

1} I hate shopping

2} I have a feeling this is a prank by Perrie and Avery.

3} and I still hate shopping.

We walked into H&M I rolled my eyes we walked in and she checked out the skirts and the dresses. I really hate this.

"Oh I like this dress!", Perrie said taking out a lavender dress with little flowers prints on it.

"Be right back going to change in this dress", I sighed and gave her a fake smile, she walked in the dressing room and I finally relaxed the fake ass smile.

This is fucked up messed up bullshit. Who even shops? Oh wait Perrie and the Barbie dolls.

I decided to go around the isle that is mostly my style, you know jeans,baggy t-shirts, sweatshirt you know those things. I was checking out the sneakers, mostly converse and Nike are my favs and also Vans.

"Well, isn't the little trash bag loser", I turn and notice Avery,El, and Dani. Of course Avery have to wear the skimpiest outfit in the mall.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, "what do you want?"

"Did you read the sign? No loser aloud in here", El said, I rolled my eyes.

"And did you read the sign, must be smart to be in here", they rolled their eyes.

"Emmi do you--", Perrie walked out of the dressing room and she saw us.

"Perrie? Are hanging out with this pathetic low life bitch?", Avery pointed out.

I cleared my throat as she looked at me, "um hello? I'm still here you know?"

"I know im im not that stupid"

"Really, clearly it's said that you got an D average in your transcript?"

She scoffed, "a D minus"

"Yeah you definitely brought your grade up by, 20 points", I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up! Anyways are you hanging out with her?",Avery asked, looking at Perrie, I looked at her too to see if she can speak the truth out. She sighed giving me an apologetic look.

"No..I'm not", I rolled my eyes, "she a loser who followed me here obviously to check me out"

"What a lesbian?", Danielle said.

Tears were about to form in my eyes, but I held them in, I can't cry I'm front of them, "whatever, I'm out I don't need to take your bullshit"

I walked out quickly and looking back at Perrie, she watch me go out and all I did was shake my head.

She so unbelievable, obviously she is such a charmer hypnotizer, she charms people and use them, she is no good as a friend. I hate her! I hate her!

I grabbed my phone out and dial Allison phone number.

"Ring ring ring--" the line was ringing till someone picked it up.

"Hello?", she answered.

"Hey Alli can you pick me up at the mall, I fell for Perrie tricks again, I will tell you on the way"

"Okay I will be there", she hanged up, I waited outside the mall, it was freezing I held my shoulders and was curled into a ball as I was sitting on the brick wall. It was getting dark out the stars are out. I remember the good old days where Niall,Perrie and the rest were my best friends but the popularity got into their heads now, but anyways I remember we used to chill at the park laying in the grass looking at the stars.

I know this spot I found in the park one time and it was my own hiding spot near the lake where I relax and calm down on a horrible day or something.

Niall or me use to bring our guitars and strum and sing a song under the stars, it always twinkle when we sing a song, it was our own special thing.

I started humming Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey.

I sighed a tear fell down and rolled down my cheek, a car came passed me, I thought it was Allison but no it wasn't. Harry and Niall.

Are you serious? I would like to have a day where I don't have to see these bafoons.

"Hey Bitch you lonely!", Harry yelled,I heard Niall laugh in the car.

"I was till you came, leave me alone Harry",it was quite dark but I can still see his face.

"Wait Harry use this.."I heard Niall said.

"Okay", It was silence for a moment till they threw at me soda, I gasped, it was cold and sticky.

"You..you!", I yelled but I can't get any the words cause the tears were blocking my eyes,

"Well I do need to throw it out by some how?", they laughed and drove away.

Why do they hate me so much! What did I ever do wrong! Oh wait Avery. God I hate them so much.

"Hey! Em's, you okay?", Allison drove up and saw me soaking wet.

"What happen?!"

"Harry..and Niall.."

"Those fucking idiots", she was frustrated, I walked up to her car and open it and sat back in.

"Come on, I will take you home", she said.

She drove me to my house, soon we got there and I saw Emma, my sister, car.

I gulped, great gonna have trouble again.

"Bye Emmi, good luck", she hugged me and I hugged her back.

"Bye Alli", I got out of the car and walked to the door. I open it and it was pretty quiet. I closed the door quietly, the tv is off no one is on the couch the lights are on.

I walked upstairs quietly, the hallway lights are on. Where is she?

I saw her door creaked a little but open, I gently and carefully tipped toe to the door.

I peaked and saw her making out with her jock boyfriend. Andrew.

He is also the same level and he hates me, basically everybody hates me.

"What the hell?! Do you ever learn to knock?!", I realize I was still standing here and Emma saw me.

Ah crap!


Sorry about this suckish chapter I'm trying my best to go back here and on the Wattpad at the same time.

And yeah I change Molly to Emma, I think it's better, just saying.

Anyways hope you...enjoy this sucky chapter, well you wouldn't enjoy it if it sucks? Would you? I don't know in my opinion It feels like it sucks.

~Hal ^•^

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