Teenage Hearts *Remake*

Have you ever feel so heartbroken, betrayed, backstabbed, a loner. Every heart has it's story, every teenager has problems with old pasts and some has problems with their enemies known as your 'best friends', well that's my story I'm Emmi Parks and I have a story to tell you...


5. Catch Me...

Emmi P.O.V.

I quickly run to my room as fast as I can, but Andrew caught up to me by tackling me on the floor. I squealed, he grabbed my legs and pulled me away from my door.

"Let go!", I yelled squirming trying to escape from his wrath.

"I got her!", he yelled, he flipped me over, I squirm around kicking my leg.

"Emma I'm sorry please! I didn't mean too!", I yelled.

"What did I say coming into my room bitch!", she slapped my face, it stings like hell, my cheeks was throbbing and red. Tears were burning through my eyes.

She kicked me once more, she and her boyfriend were laughing at me and enjoying hurting me. Soon I heard the door open, she stopped and looked.

"Emma! Emmi! I'm home!", my mother. It is about time, she never here obviously and doesn't care or need for us, she cares about her work then us.

Andrew let go of me, I grabbed my wrist, he was gripping on my wrist tight that bruises were starting to form.

"Go go!", She push Andrew out of the window, they kissed and he jumped off to the tree and landed on the ground, I was still on the floor.

"Get up!", she whispered and yelled, she yanked my hair and I squealed. We heard footsteps, so Emma put her arms around me and began to laugh. This is the only way she can get out of trouble, by pretending to love me.

"Laugh!", she groan, as she punch me in the stomach I groan and pretend to laugh as hard as I can, but really it hurts my stomach.

"Ah there you two are, well I'm going to sleep night", she smiled and walked to her bedroom.

"Night", Emma said, as soon she heard the door closed she slapped me.

"Night loser", she laughed and walked Into her room. A tear roll down.

I sighed, I walked back to my room, I decided to take a quick shower since I'm all sticky and covered in soda.

I walked down the bathroom and shut it, I locked the door, I turn on the shower and stepped inside.

I turn on the hot water and relax under it. I washed out all the sticky stuff in my hair and body. Why do I ever deserve this? Why does it have to be me? And if I can turn back time and if I can stay back in America this wouldn't happen.

Me and my sister were getting along just like sisters or best friends, but since dad left us, and when we moved here, my mom got a big job and changed and so did my sister. She just angry and need to take her anger out. She angry at our father, our father who left us stranded like this, the father who never gives a damn about us anymore.

But sometimes I miss him. Why can everything go back to the things were? Well you can't change time what's stays in the past stays in the past, you can't change it no matter how much you want it too.

What did I ever do wrong?

***Next Morning***

I woke up from my bed from my alarm clock beeping. I groan, oh great school.

I got up and decided not to take a other shower when I already did last night, so I just brushed my teeth and brushed out my hair.

I washed my face with the face wash. I rinse my face I grabbed my towel and dry my face.

I walked back to my room and grabbed a white crop top shirt that goes right above my belly button and black rolled up cuffed jeans, and a red black stripes flannel wrapped around my waist.

I rolled my hair up in a bun, I looked at my old cuts, I stopped doing it since last year, Allison and Chase helped me through it, they're like my family to me and no matter what, they will be my family since that's the only thing I have.

I shook my thoughts away and grabbed my shoulder bag, and my car keys, plus my phone,

I run down stairs skipping breakfast, don't care how hungry I am, I'm anorexia. Yes I have a eating disorder, from all the bullying that I can't take from being a pathetic low life bitch who eats like a pig.

I'm like most girls who feels insecure about themselves even though I look like a girl who doesn't give a damn thing what people say. Well sometimes that's true but it gets worst sometimes.

I hopped into my car and drove to the school. I parked my car, I feel a little bit dizzy, but I shook it off.

I quickly got out of the car and walked inside, I met up with Allison.

"Hey Allie, where Chase?", I asked.

"Hey Em's and Oh he's with his friends talking about the game, anyways how are you?", she asked, I was about to answer till my vision was getting wobbly and my head is getting dizzy.

"Em's? Are you alright?", she asked.

I shook my head off as my vision went clear "what? Oh yeah..I am"

Soon I felt my legs fall and my face fall to the floor, I heard laughing, an Irish and British laughter. Niall and the lads.

"Not cool!", Allison yelled, she helped me up, my vision became double now, I see two Niall's. I shook it off once more and it kinda went clear.

"Sorry didn't know you and the floor have something in common, you both are plain and old, and easy to walk over", he laughed, I stayed quiet, my stomach growling but quiet enough for no one to hear.

"Whatever lets go", Allison grabbed my arm and helped to the classroom.

"Wait I need to go I the bathroom", She nodded and let me go, I walked to the bathroom and washed my face, trying to relax and calm down. I'm not dizzy not hungry, can't take it being bullied.


The bell rung, I wiped my face and walked out heading to my class, but I bump into someone. I fell back hitting my head against the concrete making my vision go back to blurry and my head spinning.

"Watch we're you going bitch?!", Niall angry voice, I felt his hands grabbed me and picked me up.

"Hey! Answer me?!", I open my mouth feeling so weak and dry. I felt a slap across my cheek and it stung it I didn't bother, to weak to stand, to weak to talk, and too weak to stare at his blue eyes.

"Emmi?", his voice soften a bit and his hands went on my waist to hold my support, I put my hand on his chest.

"Niall...Catch me...", soon everything blacked out.


Hope you love it Lovies! And sorry that I haven't UPDATED like in so long it's because that I have like four stories to do in the Wattpad and plus I have dance class I the summer and going to DisneyLand tomorrow since my birthday is on a Sunday, July 13, And I won't be able to do some editing so yeah. Hope you enjoy this.

~Hal ^•^

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