Music in my Soul~Fairy Tail~

After ten years of dark guilds chasing her and bouncing from light guild to light guild she decides to stop her running and make home in the small town of Magnolia. Her power brought her attention of the Fairy Tail guild that lies in the center of Magnolia, her power was taught to her by the dragon Muse the dragon of music. The particular type of magic was created in ancient times to deal with dragons. The Music Dragon Slayer: Scarlet Misica queen of the land.


5. Christmas Special Part One

~`~Third Person Narration~`~
        If you walk the snowy streets of magnolia on Christmas eve, looking into all the windows you would see a Christmas tree filled with lights and ornaments. The lights on strings dangle around every house, every tree, and on the railings of every bridge in magnolia. There is one house that you notice while walking to your last minuet Christmas shopping. That house has no lights or Christmas tree in the windows, the lights on strings around the house have gone out. Who's house is this you ask? Well sit down and I'll tell you a story, hurry hurry I don't have all day now!
"Now let's see...Once upon a time I guess........
Her name is Scarlet, just like any normal human being she celebrated holidays. Just not Christmas, ever since her mom died I suppose that's when she stopped celebrating. After Thanksgiving her favorite saying was bu-humbug, the lights annoyed her along with the plastic Santa's in the windows of almost every store. The candy canes, the people dressed up like elves, and all of the Christmas music made her not want to live, the only thing that she was excited for this time of year was because she got to hate everyone and had no reason to be nice to anyone. She was just a little ball of hate during Christmas time, some say she turns into the Grinch this time of year, her mother took her round and round but never did she hate Christmas as a little girl. How did this happen to her? Nobody knows, but her Christmas spirit is at zero percent.
Christmas day, Magnolia city
~`~Scarlet's Point of View~`~
        I stare at the lights with hate as I walk the streets of Magnolia going home from getting some cider and other groceries on 'Christmas day' as some people call it, but I don't celebrate it. I have no one to celebrate it with and I can't find it in my heart to celebrate it without mother. People don't know how hard it is for me to see all these decorations without crying. That's why I've grown to hate everyone at this time of year, they don't know how hard it is for me to look my mothers favorite things in the face. It's still early in the morning but in the distance I see a pink haired boy running in the distance. I sigh walking along to my house to make breakfast for me and Bella, when the boy ran into me. Up close he looked older than I thought he was and shook my head picking up my groceries.
        I look around noticing a lot of stuff missing and look back seeing him holding it putting it in my bag,"I'm really sorry I knocked you over." He smiles.
        I look at him and see the Fairy Tail logo on his arm and then over at the guild, the main culprit of my over flowing hatred this year my eyes thin to slits as I look him in the eyes "Its okay"I say harshly rejecting his outstretched hand and walking away from him at a swift pace as he calls out "Merry Christmas!"
"Ba-humbug!" I call back

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