Through The dark

Hi! Mi name is Daniela and my life has been really rough. First of all Iwas a desperate attempt of my mother to save their marriage, but it didn’t work though coz when I was 2 years old they split up badly. They couldn’t stand each other and it was understandable since my mom was crazy and really mean to him and me and my sister. My father, my sister and I move to my grandpa’s house in another state. I never saw my mother again and growing up without her was really hard, but it was harder to understand that she never loved me or cared about me. My grandparents are great and loving people but they are really old fashion so they and my father argue a lot, he left the house leaving me and my sister in the care of my grandparents. I never knew exactly why he left, I asked but he always changed the subject, I still see him on the weekends though. Growing up with no parents really affected me but life goes on, so every day I woke up feeling like shit and put a smile on my face and pretended


4. Boys

Niall’s POV - Hey Dani- I say while she opens her door - Hey Nialler- she says - Nialler? - Hahahah I heard one of your friends calling you that, hope you don’t mind - Nopee it’s fine. I llike how it sounds when you say it- OMG what had I just say, I saw her blush and I find it completely adorable - Hey I was thinking since you don’t know anyone here I can show you around - Yeaap that’ll be great Lola went out earlier to her house I think, so I am bored to death - Hahaha okeey so I’ll come here in like half an hour? Is that okey? - Yeaah but I’ll hate to make you wait, I’ll get ready and go to your room is that okey?- she asks I smile a little - Yeah awesome - Your room was? - A-203 - Okeey awesome, byee and thanks Niall Dani’s POV I stripped of my clothes and got into the bathroom that was in my room, I shower as fast as possible put some nice clothes and apply a little make up. I walked to Niall’s bedroom and before I got in there I overheard my name coming up from Harry’s mouth I couldn’t help but listen. -Hey man Dani is going to be mine, back off- he said to Niall -Hey I really like her Harry please- Niall almost begged - I don’t care I saw her first- Harry said firmly - You know what? you always do the same old shit, you’ve been taking girls from me since we first met each other. - I’m sorry sometimes I don’t realize, but I want her. - Don’t apologize that’s what you do, you are a womanizer and the worst part is I always let you do that to me, but not anymore. - Hey you too stop fighting, she is not an object. Let her decide- said a girl, I didn’t knew but I was so thankful she said that I’m not an object! -Okey she’ll pick the best man I think- Niall said - Yeah she’ll pick me- Harry said strongly *Knock Knock knock* - Hey Dani- Harry said - Hey Curly- I said - Curly? - Yeah you know because of your straight hair - Haahaha cheeky girl come in- he said while moving aside to let me in - Hey Blondie- I said - Is she obsessed with hair or what?- a boy said playfully - Not really sassypants - Hahha that one was good- sassypants admitted - So anyone mind introducing me?- I asked . Oh yeah, sorry Petit -I’m not Petitt-I protested- You are for me- He said- But well this sassy boy’s name is Louis Tomlinson also known as Tommo, this badboy here is Zayn Malik, he is Liam Payne you can called him Mr. Abs and this is Perry, zayn’s girlfriend, and this is Sofia, Liam’s girlfriend, and this is Eleonor, Loui’s girlfriend.- I shake everybody’s hands - Well I’m Daniela Martinez- I said- and you guys I don’t know your last name I said pointing at Niall and Harry - I’m Horan and he is Styles - Okeeey since everyone knows each other noow, what are the plans for today?- Zayn said - Mmm well I’m showing Daniela thee city and the campus- Niall said - Well I’m starving, you guys wanna join us to have breakfast? - he said - That’s sounds great- I said We walked and get into a restaurant from the campus, since university won’t be starting till Monday and today was friday the lunch room wasn’t available. We had this days to adjust and organize. - Dani ready to go?- I said once we all finish eating - Yeah of course! Byeee guys- she said waving to everyone We went around the university first, I showed her the campus, people, friends and some classes. Then we visited the city and ended up in Milkshake city - Hey I have so much fun today!- she said - Me too! - You are so sweet Niall, thanks for today- she said looking in my eyes - You are welcome, you are also sweet Dani- I said leaning and looking into her eyes I leaned too and we kiss. - Mmm.. I think we should get going Nialler- she said while smiling Dani’s POV I know I’ve been acting a little weird since the kiss, I like him but I know I shouldn’t. I didn’t have time or energy to have a boyfriend it was too much effort. When we reached the campus, he walked me to my bedroom door like a gentleman. - Bye Dani!- he said - Bye Nialler, I had a great time Thanks!- I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help but to kiss him Niall’s POV Wow, he just kiss me and I didn’t even made a move on her; even though it was just a little peek on the lips I enjoyed it. But I don’t get her first we kiss and she acts all weird, so I though she didn’t like me cuz I make the first move she just follow. And now out of nowhere she kisses me; I’m confused. I slowly walk to my room and get in and I hear Harry on the phone. - Alright babe! So we will see each other in two hours bee ready I’ll pick you from your room. Mjm. Yeah. Bye Love!- he said and hung up I was happy we had already moved on to another girl - -So who were you talking to Styles? - I asked? -Dani! - he replies - I invite her over to the rehearsal, you know at my house - he added to piss me off - Ok- I said trying to sound like I didn't care
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