One DIrection Imagines

My first imagines, but comment your name, the boy/ boys, story line and if it should be sweet, romantic, or dirty (Warning 15+) read at your own risk


1. Liam and you- First Kiss

You and Liam were sitting on the couch watching a movie when, he started ribbing your leg.  Starting at the knee, and moving up.   You were getting turned on by the second. When he reached the edge of you denim shorts, you let out slight moan and he then pulled you onto his lap.  You were straddling him when he started kiss your neck.  You moan as he suck on you sweet spot.  As he did that you, went down to his pant, unzipping them and then  reaching inside.  His cock had erected and it was ready to be played with.  You took it in you hand and rubbed it up and down.  He moaned into your ear, making you want him more," Liam I need know."

Liam didn't waste anytime, he laid you down on the couch and started undressing you.  When all your and Liam's clothes were off, he started sucking and biting you nipples.  You were Moaning and waiting for him to thrust into you.  Moments later he did.  You gasped as he penetrated you vagina.  A few moment later pure pleasure rushed over your body. You screamed out his name multiple times.  You liked it when Liam played it rough. After a few minutes you were going into your first orgasm, "Liam, I'm gonna cum."

"Go ahead baby," he whispered in you ear.

Liam was right behind you, then he pecked your lips and then rolled next to you.  You cuddle for sometime until he went for a second round.


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