One DIrection Imagines

My first imagines, but comment your name, the boy/ boys, story line and if it should be sweet, romantic, or dirty (Warning 15+) read at your own risk


4. Lauren and Harry- Best Present Ever

Lauren and Harry have been dating for three years now.  Today was Christmas Eve and they were going to have dinner with Harry's parents.  "What if Gemma hates me," Lauren whined.

I was the first time Lauren was meeting Gemma.  "Baby, she will love, because I love you," Harry said wrapping you in a hug. 

"Well, fine but if  Gemma hates me, I blame you and if I cry you have to deal," she said.

"Fine," He said before pecking Lauren on the lips.


"So, Lauren what kind of work am do you do?" Gemma asked.

'Oh, I am a seventh grade math teacher"  Lauren said proudly.

"Cool, so you like children?" Gemma asked.

Lauren was being twenty questioned by Gemma until Harry stood up," Well, Mum, dad, Gemma, I think me and Lauren should hit the road.  We have to be well rested for tomorrow."

Harry and Lauren got up and walked to the door, said there goodbye and went home and straight to sleep.

In the morning the Harry got up a little early and cooked Lauren bed and breakfast and got her presents together.  Harry came into the bedroom with a tray and about three boxes.  The at first.  Then opened presents.  "Ok, first up," Harry said.

Lauren unwrapped the box and revealed a blue box, she opened and there sat and engagement ring.  The Second presents was black lace lingerie.  The third had a box of At-home pregnancy test.  Harry wanted marry Lauren and start their family.  Lauren was totally on board.

In Laurens opinion it was an awesome Christmas present, it had such meaning.


*A/N  for Lauren hoped you liked it!!!!!




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