One DIrection Imagines

My first imagines, but comment your name, the boy/ boys, story line and if it should be sweet, romantic, or dirty (Warning 15+) read at your own risk


2. Elin and Harry- What can I do?

Harry came home from the studio cussing, you had no Idea what was going on.

Next thing you know, he has just slapped you across the face.  But He quickly regretted it.  "Baby, I am super sorry.  I don't know what came over me," he said

"No Harry, save it, you just slapped me in the face. Goodbye," you said walking to the door.

Before you left Harry pulled you hand.  When you turned around he was down on one knee.

"Elin, I was made because the jeweler didn't have the ring. Tonight I was going to ask you to marry me.  So Elin will you marry me, even though I don't have the ring?" Harry asked.

You jumped on him and said yes.  When you settled down Harry leaned in and gave you passionate kiss.  He lead you to the bedroom and lets just say moans were created.

*A/n For Elin, sorry if it was short <3

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