The bully. *Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction*

Brooklynn has got bullied ever since she started school. It's 3 years later and she still gets bullied. She gets called names laughed at and pushed around every single day. But the one person that makes her life a living hell is Louis Tomlinson. He pushes her into lockers calls her names spreads rumors about her. But what happens when Brooklynn is forced to tutor Louis for the exams that are coming up. Will the start to get along and fall for eachotheer or will Louis still make Brooklynn's life a living hell?


3. Meet me at my car

Brooklynns P.O.V


I really can not believe I'm the one that has to tutor that son of a bitch.It's not fair. He is the only reason I hate my life.We used to be best friends and then all of a sudden I've been pushed into lockers,getting called ugly slut fat by nearly everyone in the whole enitre school.See me and Louis have known each other since we were about 5.We were best friends.We were always together.When we  started High School which is 3 years ago now,Louis started acting wierd a while after the semester started and one day he just turned into a total bitch




*1 Month after we started high school*


The laughter of everybody filled the halls."Oh my god Brooklynn"Louis laughed"You look like a smurf.."He said. All his friends started laughing. Blue paint everywhere, my hair ,clothes bloody everywhere. I was trying my best to hold back the tears."Aw Brooky is about to cry."Laughed Louis.I just looked at him. "What the hell is wrong with you Louis?Where the hell is my bestfriend gone because you are definitly not him.I just can't believe you Louis."I said. Now the tears were falling.I pushed him against the locker and ran away as fast as I could. After about 10 minutes I stopped running and sat on the ground.I thought to my self What happened to the Louis  I used to know?



By now I was nearly crying at the thought of it.But back before Louis turned in such an ass I kinda had a crush on him.But I never told him because I thought it might ruin our friendship. I just really hate for being so mean and a bully.


I walked back into class and sat down beside Louis. "So um Brooklynn  do you want to um meet me at my car after school and we can go back to my place?"He asked. "I really don't care Louis!"I spat. "Jeez no need to be such a bitch you know."He said whilst putting his hands in the air. 

"Doesn't feel so nice huh?"I muttered. "I heard that!"He said. "Good!"I spat again.


Louis P.O.V


"I heard that!"I told Brooklynn. "Good!"She spat."So are you going to meet me at my car or what?"I asked her "Fine!"She told me. 


Finally the bell ran and we both walked out of the class. "See you at the car."Brooklynn said and walked away. "Hey Lou why were you talking to Brooky?"Harry asked. "


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