my life as Lilly Tomlinson

hi there my name is Lilly and I am the daughter off Louis Tomlinson and Eleanour Calder, they are not together any more and I haven't seen my dad in almost 9 years because when my parents broke up, they had a fight and my mum took me away from my dad. I was 6 then. Now we are nine years later and I am going back to my dad because my mum past away.


6. where am I going to?

a week later


lilly p.o.v

I'm still in Hospital and bored as hell, luckily tomorrow I can go. I don't know where I'm going so I have to ask my dad, he never let me alone these week and was always with me. I cinda liked that because I missed him, Jay and Chase so much. Jay and Chase went back to the UK two days ago because they had to go to school again. The nurse wouldn't let me do anything than sitting in my bed watching tv, the only time I can come out off bed is when I need to go the badroom.

Now I'm lying in bed with my dad watching Twilight, I LUVEEEEE that movie! I kept looking to my dad now and then, just to be shure, that he is still next to me because I'm afraid that he will leave me again. I think he noticed.

"Lil what's wrong?" he asked while he was still watching the movie.

"what do you mean dad?" I asked.

"you kept staring at me during the movie and I think that there is something wrong because you behave strange" he said.

"I-eh I-eh" I stuttered.

"lilly tell me"

"I'm just afraid dad, that you will leave again and that you go back home and that I need to go to an orphanage, I don't want to go there dad, I want to stay with you" I whispered and started to cry. he pulled me closer to him and hugged me tight. He kissed my forehead.

"pumpkin don't be silly, do you really think I'm going to leave you behind just when I got you back?" he asked and I nodded.

"wrong answer, you're coming home with me, back to England were we will live together with everybody in the exact same house were you used to live" he smiled. I laid my head on his shoulder and began to watch the movie again. During the rest of the movie I thought about my home in England before I came here. I loved it there, the people, the city's, the schools, the only thing I didn't like was the weather but I could deal with that because I had the other things. Here in America, I didn't have any friends because every day after school Derek would pick me up, brought me back home, sent me upstairs and locked me in my room. I hated America and I love to go back to England. I wonder how uncle Zayn, Niall, Liam and Harry are and of course  their wife's and their children. Now I think about it I really missed Nina she was my best friend back then and I never spoke to her again after I moved away.

"dad do you think that uncle Li, Niall, Zayn and Harry missed me? and how are they, everyone in mean?"

he laughed "I think they really missed you, uncle Niall was heartbroken when you left and Nina cried for days because she lost her best friend but there are also new children" I looked at him.

"who had a baby then? can you tell me something about them?"

"well a month after you and el were gone Jason was born, he is Liam's and Leyla's kid and then two months after that Jamila was born she is Zayn's and Perrie's child but they are not the only one because Zayn and Perrie got another child a sweet little girl named Atiya, she is 7 now. Then Liam and Leyla also got another girl named Sarah, she is 4 years old and really cheeky but Leyla is pregnant again, they are going to have a twin this time and they said that they are two boys." oooh I missed a lot, I wonder how Nate, Ethan and Nick are, you can say that back then that Nate and Nick were my best friends and I had a little crush on Ethan with his beautiful dark hair and big blue eyes. I can't wait to see them again.




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