my life as Lilly Tomlinson

hi there my name is Lilly and I am the daughter off Louis Tomlinson and Eleanour Calder, they are not together any more and I haven't seen my dad in almost 9 years because when my parents broke up, they had a fight and my mum took me away from my dad. I was 6 then. Now we are nine years later and I am going back to my dad because my mum past away.


4. the car accident.

9 years later.

Lilly p.o.v

I was making my homework in my room when the door flew open, Derek in the opening. he walked in my room to my desk were I was sitting. I looked at him with fear in my eyes.

"well well little slut are you afraid of me? good" he said. I could smell the alcohol coming out his mouth and turned my head the other way. Stupid mistake. he grabbed my hair and pulled my face towards him. "look at me while I'm talking to you stupid little girl" he screamed and hit me in the face. He picked me up and trough me on the ground, I let out a scream and rolled over, far away from him as possible. Stupid mistake number 2. He grabbed my leg and pulled me towards him. "don't run away from me, I don't like that"

He started to hit and kick me in my stomach. He always hit or kick me there so I could hide it and nobody would be suspicious. It went on for 20 minutes just kicking and swearing then he walked out of my room downstairs to grab more beer. Were my mum is? Well she is home but doesn't do anything about it. I don't know why she doesn't do anything and asked it many times but she wouldn't answer and start talking about something else. I tried to get up and changed for a friends birthday. I changed in a long red baseball sweater that covered my wrist because I cut myself sometimes, some black skinny jeans and black vans. I walked too my badroom straightened my hair, put some make-up on and did earrings in. ready to go.


( few hours later)

We were driving back. I was in the backseat off the car, mom and Derek in the front seat. they had a discussion about something, I had my headphone one and was listening to One Direction. The old band were my father used the play in. He and his band mates are still friends and even live together in one big mansion.

"Derek stop shouting and listen to me, they were right and you were wrong. Just accept it the way it is" my mom shouted, I heard it trough my headphones so I put them off to listen.

"noooo I was right, I was right all the time" he shouted back.

"no you weren't, he is working there Derek he knows it better than you do believe me" mom said.

Then out of nowhere there were two lights in front of us and they came closer and closer, my mum started to scream and tried to avoid the truck but it was to late. The truck hit our car in the front and the last thing I remembered was that everything went black.


Louis p.o.v

I was home with Jay and Chase watching a movie when the phone rang. Liam came inside.

"Lou it is for you, a call from America Hospital"

America? Hospital? then it clicked LILLY!

I jumped of the sofa and grabbed the Phone out of Liam's hands.

"he-hello with Louis"

"hello sir are you Louis Tomlinson, father of Lilly Tomlinson?"

"yes yes I am?"

"I am sorry sir that I have to tell you this but your daughter was in a car accident and is in coma right now" my mouth dropped. Jay looked at me and mouthed 'what's-wrong?' I looked at him and mouthed 'Lilly'

"how about her mother and stepfather?" I asked the nurs.

"they died when they were bringing them here, the truck hit the front of the car"

I didn't know what too say.

"I am sorry sir but I have the ask you if you can come, so when Lilly wakes up she have some one, she knows around her.

"yeah yeah I understand, ehm I am going to catch a plain as soon as possible"

"oke sir goodbye" and then the phone went dead.


"yeah Chase?"

"what's wrong?"

"Lilly, Derek and Eleanor got in a accident"

"WHAT? now way, you are lying dad!" Chase said.

"noo I am sorry Chase but Eleanor and Derek died and Lilly is in coma"

"we have to go there, right now!" Jay said.

Yes, we haven't seen Lilly and Eleanor for almost 9 years, Eleanor took her away from us when she broke up with me. They moved too America, I had contact with Lilly but after two years we lost it. I missed my little girl so much, every day. I ran too the kitchen were everyone else was, talking and laughing with each other but when I ran in it was quiet.

"Lou what's wrong?"

"Lilly got in a car accident"

"ya serious?" Harry asked.

`what about Eleanor and Derek?" Niall asked.

"they died" I answered.

their mouth dropped and their eyes went big.

"I need to be there as soon as possible before she wakes up, she has nobody right now" I couldn't hold it any longer and started to cry.

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