my life as Lilly Tomlinson

hi there my name is Lilly and I am the daughter off Louis Tomlinson and Eleanour Calder, they are not together any more and I haven't seen my dad in almost 9 years because when my parents broke up, they had a fight and my mum took me away from my dad. I was 6 then. Now we are nine years later and I am going back to my dad because my mum past away.


2. people

people in the story

Louis: 39, has no girlfriend after Eleanor.

Chase, he is 17 years old, has brown hair and brown eyes, he is very tall and has a lot of muscles

Jay, he is 18 years old almost 19, has brown hair and beautiful blue/green eyes ( a lot of girls at their school have a crush on him) he is also very tall and has even more muscles than Chase.

Lilly: 15, daughter of Louis


Zayn: 37 has a wife named Perrie and three kids. two girls and one boy.

Perrie: 37, she is still beautiful. they met when One direction sang at X-factor and since then they are together.

Atiya: 7, dark blond hair and the big brown eyes of her dad.

Jamila:9, dark brown hair with blue eyes of her mom.

Ethan: 16, dark brown hair and big bright blue eyes, his eyes always sparkle under his long eyelashes.


Niall: 37, is single at the moment and has one child. a boy

Nick: 15 years old, green eyes and blond hair. he loves food just like his dad and when you need him he is there for you and you can tell him everything.


Liam: 37, has a wife named Leyla. they have 4 kids, two are on their way

Leyla:35, she has hazelnut brown eyes and big curls, she has a tan and was a dancer on the one direction tour, that is how they met.

Sarah: 4, brown eyes and brown curly hair, she is always very shy and a daddy's child.

Jason: 9, brown eyes, his dad's hair when one direction started, is always hyperactive and very funny.

Lola: 12, she has brown eyes and straight brown hair till her waist. just like Jason very funny

Nina: 15, brown eyes and long curly brown hair, she has exactly the same character as Lilly.


Harry: 36, he and his girlfriend broke up like a month ago and they have one child. a boy.

Nate: 17, blue eyes and brown hair just like his dad. he is very quiet around people, but when you get to know him and he think he can trust you he will change in a happy, crazy teenager.







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