my life as Lilly Tomlinson

hi there my name is Lilly and I am the daughter off Louis Tomlinson and Eleanour Calder, they are not together any more and I haven't seen my dad in almost 9 years because when my parents broke up, they had a fight and my mum took me away from my dad. I was 6 then. Now we are nine years later and I am going back to my dad because my mum past away.


8. going home.

Louis p.o.v.

today is the day that we are going home. We where just packing our things when the door opened and all the boys walked in. where the hell did they come from?

"helllooooooo" they yelled. Lilly jumped around and had big eyes but then a small smile came on her face when she saw the boys.

"NIALLLLLLL" before I knew it she jumped in Niall his arms and he spun her around. Niall always had been her favorite, since the day she was born. He laughed when he put her down and then all the other boys got Lilly her attention. After she hugged them, they sat down on her bed.

"thanks guys love you too" I fake cried.

"sorry lou boo" Harry said and stood up to hug me.

"why are you here?" Lilly asked

"well why not?" Liam asked. Lilly laughed and shook her head. She was a mix of El and I, she has El her hair and posture but my colour of eyes, nose and smile. My smile faded when I thought about El, I never stopped loving her after she left and ofcourse I dated a few girls but with none of them I had that connection I had with El and now she is dead. Don´t think about it anymore Lou it´s over, she passed away and she left you nine years ago.

"well we couldn't wait anymore so we thought why don't we go to America and suprise them" Niall said and laughed.

"you are crazy, all of you" yeah we are not poor or something like that but this is crazy. 


When everything was packed and we were ready to go, I walked away to sign the papers and we were done. We were almost by the entrance of the hospital but got stopped by a lot of flashes coming from outside. How the hell did they knew?

"ehm dad what now?" Lilly asked, she looked kinda scared and I couldn't blame her, she wasn't used to it anymore.

"I don't know Lil but don't be scared I'm here with you" I dropped my arm around her shoulder and gave her my sunglasses. We went outside and the questions started.


"louis who is this?"

"is this your long lost daughter?"

"where is eleanor?"

"is it true that eleanor and her new boyfriend died?"

you name it and they have asked it.

Lilly burried her head in my chest and we almost ran to the van that was waiting for us. When we got inside they drove off very fast and in no time we were at the airport. Lilly jumped out first and we grabbed our things, this took a while because we needed to get Lilly her suitcases but then Lilly came back in and had tears in her eyes.

"sweety whats wrong?" Niall asked, he sat back on his chair and opened his arms, she jumped in his arms and sobbed.


she shook her head, so we all leaned back in our chairs and waited till she was done with crying.

" I.....I tho......thought I saw Derek and then I ran away but the cameras where here too so they surounded me and I couldn't get out, they just asked and asked until someone came to help me, the Derek man and I was scar.....scared" she broke down in sobs again, Niall hugged her close and tried to shush her. 

"sssssh baby girl ssssh we are here now and we are not going to leave you" she nodded and dried her tears.

"soorrry"she whispered and looked at me with tearful eyes.

"you don't have to be sorry pumpkin, you can't do anything about it" I smiled at her and she smiled back and stood up.

"shall we go then?" she looked at everyone and stepped out of the van again, we followed her quick. 



when we were finally in the airport we hurried to our private jet and got in.

"LET'S GO HOME" Harry yelled. everybody laughed at him and took a  seat. Lilly sat next to Liam, Zayn sat next to Niall ( both already fell asleep) and I sat next to Harry. The plain started to ride and then before we knew we were in the air.


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