my life as Lilly Tomlinson

hi there my name is Lilly and I am the daughter off Louis Tomlinson and Eleanour Calder, they are not together any more and I haven't seen my dad in almost 9 years because when my parents broke up, they had a fight and my mum took me away from my dad. I was 6 then. Now we are nine years later and I am going back to my dad because my mum past away.


5. America Hospital.

Lilly p.o.v

Everything was black, dark and empty. Were am I? I heard voices but didn't recognize any off them. I tried to open my eyes but they stayed close.

"lilly? Lilly please wake up, pumpkin we are all here but please you need to wake up" a voice said. Who is it? I thought and then click, DAD!

someone touched my arm and I got scared, what if Derek is here to? He can touch or hurt me and I can't do a thing about it. I tried to move but couldn't so I started to panic.

"ehm dad why are all those machines beeping?" someone asked. I heard it too and a minute later a doctor came in.

"quick quick she is having a panic attack" someone yelled.


I wanted to say that I'm not going anywhere but I couldn't. The next thing I felt was a needle in my arm  and the machines were quiet again.

"lilly please wake up, we need you" someone cried, who the fuck is this? Again I tried to open my eyes but they stayed closed. I WANT TO WAKE UP AAAAAGH.......... Then a white light came out of nowhere and there stood my mom.


"hey hunny"

"what are you doing here?"

"I'm dead sweaty"

"no way you are lying"

"I'm not lying baby, Derek and I past away in the car accident and you are in coma. please come with my to a better and nicer place. You will have me and Derek there and you are safe"

"what is that for a place?"

"it's called heaven"

"so then I'm dead?"

"yes baby then you are dead"

NO NO NO I don't want to die not yet, I want to see my daddy and brothers. I'm not going to die, not going to let that happen!

"I don't want to die. I'm to young, I'm sorry mom but I want to see dad, Jay an Chase"

"they are no good to you and you know that baby, you are safer with me" she yelled and the white light got smaller and smaller same as my mom. For the last time I tried to open my eyes and it worked. I saw a bright white room with a lot of people in it. They all stared at me, creepy.

"lilly" my dad gasped. he jumped out of his seat and was in a few seconds on my bed.

"dad" I whispered. The tears were coming. He hugged me tight.

"dad.....can't......breath" I tried to say. He let go of my and whipped his tears away.

The doctors came in and send my dad+brothers out off the room to do some check ups.

"I'm sorry sir but how long was I asleep?" I asked the doctor.

" ehm I think for almost a month, you father was here all the time, same as your brothers" he answered. wow sleeping for a month and still tired.

"when can I go home?"

"we need to do some test and if the tests are good you can go home in about 5 days" he said.

actually, where was my home now, mum and Derek is dead and Dad lives in the UK. I don't know where to go.

" I'm sorry lilly but can you put you arm on the duvet of your bed so I can take a blood sample?'

I did what he asked and after three hours off tests, they were done and my family came back in. Jay and Chase sat on my bed and I laid my head on Jay's shoulder, I was exhausted.

"lil do you want to eat something?"

"no thanks Chase I'm not hungry"

and I fell back asleep.


Chase p.o.v

we have been here for a month and still Lilly didn't wake up. I started to worry what if she doesn't wake up after all. Then my little sister is dead, I can't deal with that.

"lilly? Lilly please wake up, pumpkin we are all here but please you need to wake up" my dad said, every day he said the same thing to her and never got a reply, I felt sorry for him. He touched her arm and all of a sudden the machines around her bed began to beeb, WTF? Doctors cam rushing in "quick quick she is having a panic attack" the doctor yelled to the nurse while she ran away to get something.

"NOOOOO LILLY PLEASE DON'T DIE, I JUST HAD YOU BACK" my dad yelled. we were pushed out of the room.

 the nurse  came back with a infuse and a needle and walked in the room. Through the glass I saw that they put it in her arm and the machines stopped beeping hysterically. We were aloud back in the room and my dad immediately ran back to Lilly her bed.

"lilly please wake up, we need you" he cried, I walked up to him and hugged him and let him cry on my shoulder. I almost cry myself, I haven't seen my sis in 9 years and now she is in coma and maybe she will die. I looked at Lilly and saw her eyelashes moving, Ok I'm dreaming.

"dad she moved I saw it she moved her eyelashes" Jay yelled, ok I'm not dreaming Jay saw it too. Dad let go of me and sat on Lilly's bed and  grapped her hand.

"come on pumpkin wake up" he whispered. not very much later her eyes opened and she gasped.

"dad?" she asked-whispered and started to cry, my dad gasped and then hugged her tight.

"lilly" he said and started to cry too.

"dad...can't....breath" she said. He let go of her and whipped her tears away. Then the doctors came in and sent us out of the room. We sat on the chairs in front of her room and waited till the doctors were done with her.

( 3 hours later)

we can go back inside, they just finished with her tests and now we have to wait for the test results. Jay and I sat on her bed and she laid her head on Jay's shoulder.

"lil do you want to eat something?" I asked, I thought she was asleep for almost a month maybe she was hungry right now, you never know.

"no thanks Chase I'm not hungry" and she fell back asleep.







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