Strong Believe

"What Are you doing,Zayn?"She Nervously looked at him when he was trying to open her bra "You're mine tonight Love!Don't worry I won't hurt you babe."he said and winked at her.


10. Ch.9 ~♥~

                                         Zayn came closer and said -"What's wrong babe?are you Ok?" She started to crying again -Hey,Are you Ok? Zayn

                                    said when he hugged her.

                                       -Zayn,I want,yes I did these all that I can have this moment but..but I live in Iran,I said this to you. She said.

                                       -Aw hey!that's not a big problem I'll help to you and your Family to come and live here,In London,Now? He said and

                                    smiled at Ghazal -OMG!Zayn I love you. She said.

                                         They stayed in terrace till 3:30 AM then Jacob came and told them -E-Erm,Excuse me!we must put an end to your

                                    romantic time! He laughed a bit and continued -Ghazal,..don't you forget about your family,Huh?



                                       -Oh!Ok I'm coming!sorry Zayn my family don't know I'm here I should go to hotel.

                                       -So..No,I mean you can go later.Jacob you can go I'll take her to hotel. Zayn Said.

                                       -Um..Ok!but..nothing!I mean that's no problem If you both want! Jacob said.

                                       -Yeah Jacob It's better! I owe you! If you didn't take me there I never can have this chance and never can be... Um..with Zayn,I mean like now!Thank you. She said then came and hugged him.

                                       -It's no problem,when I saw how much you love him and what did for him I just didn't want that you lose him!Cause I lost my love when I didn't told her how much I love her..Pf care free!just have fun. Good luck Ghazal. Jacob told and 

                                    winked at Ghazal then said -Bye guys!

                                       Zayn -Bye man.

                                       Ghazal -Bye and Thanks again!

                                       Jacob -Anytime.. He said when He was going out.

                                       Zayn -What shall we do?

                                       Ghazal -So I really wanna become familiar with the other boys!

                                       Zayn -Boys?which boys?

                                       Ghazal -I mean Louis,Harry,Liam and Niall!

                                       Zayn - They're not the other boys! He said seriously.

                                       Ghazal -UHH!So what are them? She confusedly asked.

                                       Zayn winked at her and said with a smile -They're my One Direction,My friends for ever.

                                       Ghazal -Oh god I didn't know that! She laughed and continued -Haha If you didn't tell me that what should I do?

                                       Zayn -I don't know!I helped you alot but don't tell these to anyone! They both laughed.



                                       They came into the club and Harry was talking to the other boys -Haha yeah I saw that too nice cou...Umm Hey guys!

                                    He wondering looked at Ghazal And Zayn and said -When did you come in?

                                       Zayn -What nice?what did you talked about?

                                       Liam -Did you really kiss her?

                                       Ghazal blushed and said - I think you all were watching us,didn't you?

                                       Naill -That was a little look.

                                       Louis -"Yeah,he rights so congratulations!" Harry coughed up and angrily looked at Louis.

                                       Harry - Emm He means congratulations for your first kiss and gave a forced smile to them.

                                       Ghazal -Now I'm sure that it was more than a little look,huh?

                                       Zayn -Never mind! so guys now you know you can say congratulations to us. All of them laughed.

                                         They took her to the hotel and Zayn took her cell-phone number.

                                         4 Days later - Saturday.

                                         She woke up and was happy like the 4 days ago!she decided to surprise her family and tell them about Zayn and their

                                    relationship so she connected to internet with her cellphone and searched about a luxurious dining room in the London,then she found it on the Whitechapel High Street.

                                         It was 9 AM that she called to the phone number that she found from internet.

                                       Woman -Hey it's Whitechapel dining room.

                                       Ghazal -Hey can I reserve there for tonight?

                                       Woman -How many table do you wanna reserve?

                                       Ghazal -No,I didn't mean that,I mean I wanna reserve all there cause I have spacial guests!

                                       Woman -But we can't If you want reserve there you must tell it from 2 days later to us.

                                       Ghazal -Please!I'll pay how much you want! Ok?

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