Strong Believe

"What Are you doing,Zayn?"She Nervously looked at him when he was trying to open her bra "You're mine tonight Love!Don't worry I won't hurt you babe."he said and winked at her.


8. Ch.7 ~♥~

                                       -Don't worry I'll take you there with my driver.


                                       -OK!you should come to the lobby at 12:15 AM ,Bye for now!

                                       -OK bye. She said and he left.She couldn't understand that!so she decided to ask about him from hotel's member.

                                    she asked from many members of hotel and all of them agreed that he's the managers son.

                                         At 11:30 PM she ensured that her family are asleep then she got ready,put a red top with a short 11:50 PM she

                                    went to the lobby and saw that Jacob was waiting for her in front of the hotel's door and went towards him.

                                       -What were you doing?

                                       -Nothing!just I was getting ready.


                                         When she rode Jacob was looking at her so she asked -what's wrong Jacob?

                                    He answered with a kind voice -Nothing.I just taught about that you look so beautiful!

                                       -Thanks!I hope that Zayn will have the same opinion!erm...If you don't lie..

                                       -Hey Hey!!I swore..If you didn't believe me,why you're here?

                                       -Um..I don't know! She said and looked at out of window.

                                    10 minutes later the driver stopped in front of a club.

                                       -It's 12:05 AM do you wanna stay in car till they'll come here? Jacob said.

                                       -OK!I'm waiting on them.

                                      They stayed in the car for 40 minutes without talking about anything.abruptly jacob warned-look!!!they're here!

                                    Getoff!C'mon hurry up!

                                        She got off and ran to the club but guards stopped her.

                                       -you can't enter!

                                       -Wait,I have a V.I.P card! Jacob shouted. Then one of the guards looked at him and said -I can't let you enter!Cause the club is for One Direction.

                                         Jacob frowned to him then went and told something in his ear.the guard told -Oh!sorry I didn't know that's you 

                                    Mr.Sampson!Sorry! you can go to the club.please enter.

                                         They entered to the club then saw the boys are sitting and drinking!

                                       -We don't have a dancer here? Niall yelled with funny voice.

                                       -Err!No man ,we're good boys. Liam said then winked at Niall.

                                       -Hey guys... Ghazal told.

                                         Louis and the other boys looked at her,suddenly Louis said -Oh!hey..,Zayn isn't she Ghazal!?

                                         Zayn stood up so fast and told -Did you tell me truths?

                                       -Yeah..,that wasn't all but All of them was true!__C-Can I hug you? She said with a shacky voice.


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