Strong Believe

"What Are you doing,Zayn?"She Nervously looked at him when he was trying to open her bra "You're mine tonight Love!Don't worry I won't hurt you babe."he said and winked at her.


7. Ch.6 ~♥~


                            When the music finished zayn told to all

                        -Hey guys!I know that  you told to yourselfs that who's that girl,She's who

                       came from Iran just for me , hurt Towards the stadium for meeting me and giving me a letter!So certainly I'll read it!

                       then looked at Ghazal and told to her with a smile

                       -"So..did I told all things?" and gave the microphones to her.

                         She confusedly took it  from him and said

                         -I..I don't know!I can't beieve that I'm here!yeah you said what you know not all of                        things!I know you won't read my letter so I tell you something that I wrote in it!That's                            obvious that I love youas long as my life!I fought with many people like my mom,dad,my                    friends and my sister,all of them always told me that you can never be with him,when he'll                  meet you he just see you as a normal fan and he won't care to you but I always said                            that,that's not important for me I just wanna show my love to him,that's enough for me!

                        Then looked at zayn with a entreaty face and tears on her cheeks and said

                        -So just know it I love you more than all of girls,your friends and your family!I'm sure                     and I love you forever bye.


                         She gave the microphone to zayn and ran to the out of stage with crying,she                                grabbed her bag from the mackup room,went to the exit door and ran to the out side and                  took a taxi to the hotel.

                         Toward the hotel she just cried and listened to the Irresistible song with her                                  headphone.when she arrived went to the hotel's cafe-net.she searched "Zayn Malik" on                    Google and just looked at his pictures with her eyes what was full of tears.

                          -"Haha look at her guys.Aw!she is in a big D-R-E-A-M for Mr.Malik!"A male voice                      told from back of her and two other boys laghued.she stood and told them with an angry                    and loud voice

                          -Hey!what do you want from me?get out!!that's none of your business that what I do!                  then she ran toward the elevator and went to the exercise room.Ghazal went and sat on                    a message chair and closed her eyes but when she was in relaxing deeps suddenly                          heared one of boys's voice.

                          -Er..Excuse me!I'm so sorry about my friends they didn't want to make you mad.

                          -What do you want?go and leave me alone!!!

                           -No..please forgive us and one question..!

                           -___Hmm...UH ok!and what question?

                           -So I think you love Zayn Malik but why you cried for him?

                            -Yeah I love him but I can't tell you my crying's reason!

                            -Why?please tell!..and I forgot to tell you my name!Jacob.

                            -Oh Ok,I'm Ghazal and do you promise me that you won't mock me?!

                             -Oh no,I won't!I mean I promise!

                             -"Ok."she told and began to describe the story.

                            When she finished her description he wondered told her
                            -Wow!That's like an Imaginary movie!I..I mean I believed it but...oh you're so                          bold,girl!!Do you want to see him again?

                             -Huh!It's clear that I really want!

                            -"Ok!Wait a minute."He stood and called to someone with his cell-phone and                        returned near her and told

                             -One Direction will go to a private club.

                             -What?How Do you know?

                             -So..I can't tell you how but trust me I don't lie to you!I swear!

                             -Are you kidding me?..H-How can I trust you?maybe you want to mock me!

                             -No I swore!I don't know how can you trust me but one thing...aha!My dad is the               hotel's manager!!So...?

                              -Ow!ok how can I see Zayn?

                              -If you want to see him you should go to there at midnight in 1 A.M.

                              -But I don't know where is that club and how can I go there!


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