Strong Believe

"What Are you doing,Zayn?"She Nervously looked at him when he was trying to open her bra "You're mine tonight Love!Don't worry I won't hurt you babe."he said and winked at her.


6. Ch.5 ~♥~

                     Her eyes's widened as she saw One Direction's car pulling up behind the stadium.

                -"Oh my god." She muttered, in full surprise that this was really happening. 

                    Once she saw the boys step out of the car, she bolted to them, ignoring                                           her scrapes.When she reached them, she was out of breath and she tried to get past the            guards. 


                -"Zayn! Zayn! Please! I have something for you!" She yelled, getting his attention. 

                      He looked at her, slowly coming towards her. 

                "What's going on?" He asked with a smile but it quickly vanished when he saw her cuts and scrapes on her hands and knees. 


"What happened to you?" 


                     -"Nothing nothing!" She reassured him, handing him a letter, that she always kept in her pocket in case something like this happened. 


                     -"Please read this! I came here from the hotel, which is an hour away and I ran the whole way! I'm from Iran and I absolutely love you! Did I tell you I ran here?" She rambled, out of breath when she finished. He chuckled, nodding.

                       "I'll read this, okay love?" Ghazal smiled and nodded. Zayn kissed her cheek, walking into the stadium, behind the boys. 

                          Ghazal felt as if she was on cloud 9, her knees feeling weak and her air not getting to her lungs.Then, all emotions hit her like a brick and everything went black.As Ghazal laid on the floor, completely out of it, Zayn came back out with some bandaides but found her on the cold concrete. -"Fuck!" He swore, running over to her, picking her up. 

                           A guard put his hand out in front of Zayn. -"She's fine, she just fainted." He reassured the popstar. Zayn squinted his eyes at the rude body guard. "No, I'm going to bring her in and make sure she is fine." He snapped, bringing her into the stadium, quickly putting her on the couch in his dressing room. 

                          Once the boys were dressed, they went to the stage, performing. When she woke up he found herself inside the dressing room in the stadium.she understood it from the voice of One Direction's singin!But who had brought her there?!then called to her mom 

                          -Hey mom!guess wh.... 

                          -where are you? 

                          -mom please!I'm in OneDirection's concert!oh my gosh! I can't believe! 

                          -what?hey that's not a funny jok!come to the room NOW! 

                          -MOM!I said I'm in one direction's concert and in their dressing-room!!I didn't jok!wait listen to their music and the screaming of fans!*yeah,we're be doin what we'll do...*Do you hearing? 

                          -___YES!but how could you... 

                          -I'll tell you later -ok,bye..erm and have fun -thanks,bye! 

                          -*I can't believe...* 


                        She left the room and stealthy went near the stage to see the boys(the irresistible song was playing)but she didn't know that Zayn is back of this time Zayn held her hand and and brought her to the stage then countinued to the song *it makes your lips so kissable...* he held her hands again and sang this song it seems he sang this for Ghazal. 


                      She was wondered and couldn't move!unwanted a single tear came down on her cheek and zayn wiped it from her cheek with his hand!! 

                       -"I can't believe it! Is that a dream! Is it true God?!" she told to herself. 

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