Strong Believe

"What Are you doing,Zayn?"She Nervously looked at him when he was trying to open her bra "You're mine tonight Love!Don't worry I won't hurt you babe."he said and winked at her.


11. Ch.10 ~♥~

                                       Woman - So wait.I should tell it to the restaurant manager!

                                       Ghazal - Okay!

                                          3 Minutes later she came back and said - Umm Ok Mrs?

                                       Ghazal - Malik.

                                       Woman - Yeah,Mrs. Malik you can reserve it for tonight but please tell the hours that you wanna reserve.


                                       Ghazal - Okay,So..How's 8 PM till 11:30 PM?

                                       Woman -  We'll ready for when you want!OK!

                                       Ghazal - So..Can you prepare 5 microphones and a music player for me?

                                       Woman - Do you want our music band?

                                       Ghazal - No,No! I just want thoese things their singers!

                                       Woman - Oh really!? Ok ,We'll do it,don't worry about it!

                                       Ghazal - How can I order the food?

                                       Woman - Yeah you can order it now!

                                       Ghazal - Can you tell me the Menu of foods?

                                          The woman read the menu for her and she ordered chicken for Zayn and herself ( because she loved chicken too )

                                     and the other foods for her family and boys expect Niall !



                                       Ghazal - Please don't forget about carrots and don't put any spoon on one of the plates!

                                       Woman - Ok! So you should pay half of price to our bank account then you can pay the reminder of money here!

                                       Ghazal - Okay,How much is it?

                                       Woman - So..foods pluse microphones and music player and spacial works is 200£ and you should pay 100£ now!

                                       Ghazal - I'm going to pay it! bye!

                                          She took-off the phone it was 10 AM that she came in their suit's living room.

                                       Ghazal - Hey mom,Hey dad!

                                       Parents - Hey morning!

                                       Ava - I think I'm caroot or something like this!

                                       Ghazal - Oh!Hey Ava, Sorry I didn't  see you!

                                       Ava - Blind!

                                       Ghazal - What did you say?

                                       Ava - Nothing.. I said nop!

                                       Ghazal - Aha!Ok!so everyone listen ,I wanna tell you I'm going to shopping and I wanna make you

                                     surprise with something tonight so please don't go anywhere today!

                                       Mom - Aw Sweetie! but why?

                                       Dad - Yeah why?

                                       Ghazal - "Mom,Dad Please!!!It's Important for,May you and Ava go to this hairdresser's please?" And gave

                                     a card to her what had an address on it then continued - And please don't ask why! you'll find it tonight.

                                       Mom - "Hmm... I hope you don't josh us!" She frowned at her.

                                       Ghazal - Oh no mom, I swear!don't forget to do the best make-up and just come and stay in suite And wait for me back!

                                     I have to go now bye!

                                          She leaved the suite and ate breakfast in hotel's coffee then went to a mall. on the way she called to Zayn.

 To be Countinued...


                                       Does Zayn accept her Invitation? If yes what will happen on night? Why She didn't order the food for Niall?

                                                 Don't she wanna Invite him?If yes Why?

                                                 See them in next Chapter... :*

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